Feels like ishq – web series review

All of the couples together

Feels like ishq has compelled me to write a review on it even though I had been on a review break. I am still watching various show but I did not quite felt as much compelled to pen it down and in my case type it down on my notes in mobile. I don’t ever binge watch a show but this one was an exception cz It was so cute I just could not stop myself from wanting to watch more. I completed it in two 2 days as each episode was sweet 25 minutes.

Feels like ishq is a breezy romantic short stories about different couples which will touch your heart and stay in it.. It has this heart-warming appeal that makes you want to believe in this innocent heart touching love which way different from everything we are watching on Tv or ott right now. The stories are predictable but endearing makes you want more but this is the type of thing where less is better than more so that you don’t get bored of the overdose.


Amol and radhika ❤❤❤❤

The first story is about a runaway bride which becomes the get to know road trip for two strangers. Amol parashar is famous for his road trips in tripling but in this one his place was taken by radhika madaan as the quirky one. I loved her in the show and it made me remember her ad for Netflix on Diwali where she partied with her family and it made me want to see more of her. I have seen both amol and radhika on TV but they seem better on OTT platform with unique stories. Amol looked dashing and radhika looked hot in traditional lehanga in the short story. I never wanted it to end but I would not like it to be dragged. That’s the best thing about short stories it ends at a happy note making reader want more but knowing it’s better this way. I wish producer’s knew this fact and stopped dragging shows and movies with unnecessary sequel and plot points.


He looks cute without that patka on his head ( yeah I googled to get the right word for it 🤣)

The second story was about lockdown wala love between teenagers that pure and innocent wala teenage romance. I could not believe that guys can be this sweet and its a great take on lockdown love stories where people were stuck at one place and had to go through rigorous restriction and struggled to survived it. Our sweet teenager falls to the charm of a NRI return quarantined girl and tries to meet her by texting her from his mother’s phone. It starts sweet love story with social distancing and masks and even a dose of Sanitizers. It had horror movie ka tadka with guitar wala love song with hindi English ka mix. I loved the song and I think it is sung by ayusham  khurana for his wife directorial venture. Tahira kashyup had her cancer surgery but she survived the phase by being strong while talking about it on shows and social media and I will look forward to her in future.

He is not looking cute in this pic with that weird expression but trust me all the other time he looked totally cute 😍

The next one on the list is rohit Saraf amidst the beauty of mahabaleshwar. This story made me want to visit it so it is in my goto list along with the adventurous tasks the heroin does in it. Mahabaleswar at sunset point or lovers point is beautiful and their romance is cozy and warm which started off by bickering turned into a potential romance. Rohit Saraf is very very cute even though I did not like mismatched but it was not because of him. He will have a great future in Bollywood as currently we lack good looking hero anyway. The best thing in this story was that rohit was honest and told his feeling to heroine and she also accepted it rather than blaming him to hide things from her.  Another good things about Short stories that they end things quickly and don’t add stupid suspense or drag things.

She loves her ?? Or she doesn’t love her ??

The next one is the queer crush love story where our heroin falls for our heroin. This is one of the few times I watched something like this one big platform in India because Indians rarely accept lesbian love. They had this cute office romance and they felt quite right for each other but I kept thinking how will heroin tell her mother and how will she accept her girl friend she is Muslim. Or is she even gay or protagonist will have her heart broken. Even though I am glad it ended on a sweet note not included all this stuff and it made me want to write about some sweet moments of life in short stories where it ends on a high note rather than disappoint you with murky details.


Ishq mastana? But song definitely was..

Last two stories were not as enchanting but not so bad. One was on interview where two strangers meet at an interview and end up confiding in each other. It’s weird how two people that are supposed to compete with each other give tip to another to pass the interview. I don’t think there are people like that in real life but all the other stories were unreal in some ways as this can’t happen in real life. The last story was on a rebound love which turns into something more.. The song ishq mastana in this one was amazing especially the girl version do listen and you can thank me later in comments. It’s a story about an entitled kid who gets dragged into a protest hoping to have a rebound to get over his ex. But the conversations they have are so touching that I feel I could listen to them more.


By now you would know it is a romantic story which is supposed to have a happy ending. Even though I don’t much rate shows but if I have to then a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


I told you he looked cute …

P.S. This show is available only on Netflix.. Tell me which one you liked the most.. I loved the mahabaleshwar one for two reasons in which one is ‘mahabaleshwar beauty’ and other is “Rohit saraf cuteness’.

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Ms Draupadi kuru – After the pandavas – Book Review

“What could happen in 30 days?”


Draupadi kuru

It happens to me only when I am moved by a book or a movie, thoughts keep penetrating in mind. Even when I close my eyes it keeps coming to my mind that’s when I know I had to write about it as if it is a compulsion. The best tip for a reviewer is to write the review when it’s fresh in your mind because you often forget what you read or how you felt about the books and its characters when time goes by. I started reviewing books on my blog as various thoughts kept penetrating in my minds and writing about it was the best way to release it. The feeling after penning it down is exhilarating as of like an achievement. I am no critically acclaimed writer but that feeling while reviewing a book or a movie and its after-effect is great. Even though I love writing it down but I have one big weakness where I dread editing it. I know it takes a whole lot of effort to make our writing look presentable for a reader but I am lazy and often post without giving another thought to it but I am trying to improve. FYI, Grammarly is a great tool for touching up the small mistakes but if you want a better finish then you would have to buy the subscription. Enough about my love for writing now let’s get on to the reviewing part which is not letting me sleep. I love writing reviews but I have one more weakness than I often reveal plot story in my reviews which might be a put off for the readers but then the reason I do it is because I have to talk about some things which I feel important. So forgive me if you find the crucial plot points because sometimes I can’t just help it.


“Ms Draupadi Kuru after the Pandavas” is written by Trisha das and this is not the first book of hers that I have read. I have also read “Kama’s last sutra” which was released back in 2018. I knew about her books for a long time but I was not sure if I would like them. Then on a whim when the lockdown kicked in I bought “Kama’s last sutra” and then I bought her other two books as I was fascinated by her storytelling skills and the plots. I know the name of the book is quite scandalising and when my mother saw it she was shocked when it came in the book mail. I placated her by saying don’t judge a book by its name as the story is not just about it and it’s much more than that as it is a historical fiction set in the times of Chandela dynasty. I didn’t have any idea what was stored in the book for me but that will be revealed in the sole review of the “Kama’s last sutra”. Ms Draupadi Kuru was published in 2016 and it’s Trisha das second book. Her first book was Mahabharata so I will say that she is fascinated by Mahabharata and her characters which is why she put up female characters of Mahabharata in the modern world. It is a fascinating plot point who would not want to know what happens when Draupadi drops in from heaven in the mortal world. There is the sequel to this book which was recently published where Pandavas decides to revisit the mortal world, not by re-birth but to put some sense into women in their family, protect them or even take them back to heaven if they can which is highly unlikely.


When Draupadi is bored from the luxuries of heaven and couldn’t find anything that interests her only a world filled with boring gods. She decides to ask Krishna for a favour and as Krishna is her loving friend he decides to give her a second chance where she could visit mortal for just 30 days. She could meet and greet people, know the ways of the Kalyug but she had to come back when her time is up. She coaxes Amba to come along in the mortal world as she is her friend she reluctantly agrees. Draupadi could take over the world if she decides to so she even convinces Kunti to come along by emotionally manipulating her with name of Karna. With Kunti Gandhari frenemy also comes along because she wants to know about her birthplace as that is the only place where she was ever happy. Draupadi in this book is daring, smart, beautiful and carefree and can get whatever she wants but in the originals, she was dominated by first her father for marrying 5 princes and then her husband’s. The worst part was when she became a victim in the “vastra-haran” where her husband Yudhishthira loses her in the gamble. I could not ever forgive Yudhishthira for this but that would be dealt with in the sequel because I am sure Trisha das would have to say a lot about this in sequel. I wonder why Trisha das is not famous when she has such good books while others with stale overtly romantic plot lines are famous. 


If I would try to just not reveal the major plot points then I would say – think what would happen if you wake up from a deep sleep of thousands of years. When mortals have gone through various yug, you would feel disoriented in these changing times. That’s what happens when the girl gang lead by Draupadi drops in by heaven and gets intrigued when they see a car, traffic lights, sky-reaching buildings, aeroplanes, shopping markets, TV and studios. When you die your desire dies with you but these women get a second chance and it’s up to them to decide what they do with it. They might cringe from the dangers of the mortal world and the current state of Indraprastha or Delhi. But they want to explore its possibilities and from them I mean Draupadi. Each of them has their motives and their reason to visit the mortal world. Kunti wants to know about the whereabouts of her firstborn Karna who had decided to give up heaven and enter the cycle of re-birth. Her biggest regret was to give him up so this time she tries to make amends with his latest incarnation but is 30 day enough time for that. Amba was denied marriage from Bhishma which led her to a miserable life. She could not get love or marriage in that life. Will she get to what she desires but even if she gets it then how would she able to leave that? Is life mortal enough to just give up a place in the comforts of heaven? That’s the question that poses up in all their minds. Unlike other Gandhari is revolted by this whole new world and could not find anything to hold onto just as she did in Hastinapura. While Draupadi is fascinated by what the new world has to offer. It is true that she could not help herself from being disrobed in the Kuru Mahasabha but now she could do a lot more for women whose conditions have become worse in 21st century. Women Goddess has been worshipped by men in the past; there was a time when women hold matriarch position in the families which still happens in various places in the world.    But over time the men who respected them thought of them as weak and started disrespecting them. The physical aspect overpowered the intelligence I guess. 


What I still am intrigued by is that these characters even after going to heaven still remember their past lives. They don’t follow the same relationships as a mother, son, daughter and husband-wife but they still consider them as their own even if they don’t meet them for hundreds of years. Draupadi is a force to be reckoned with who is not scared of anything or anyone. Kunti still wants to be seen as a mother so her characters play on that lines. Gandhari is still bitter and wants to hide away from the mortal world while Amba is fascinated by a man. Krishna gave each one of them a chance to settle down in the mortal world but it is their decision to stay or go back because it would be hard to get an entry in heavens after they reside in mortal world. I am fascinated by Mythology and its characters and gods and goddesses which is why I picked this book so if you are into Mythology then you will like this one. Or even if you are not it is set in present times Delhi where 4 women navigate the unknown world filled with threats and dangers. But beware this book is not for the faint-hearted as it includes possibilities of the new Kalyug. The book includes everything that is wrong with the mortal world today, the exploitation of women, the misbehaviour from men, poor conditions of street kids and orphans, all of this along with utmost rudeness of Delhi locals filled with scepticism. Only the strong will be able to find their place in this brave new hopelessness but a world full of possibilities. I am excited to read the sequel as to what will happen when Pandavas return to the mortal world. I am fascinated by Arjuna and excited to see what will happen to him and Draupadi.


P.S I am saving this for the last but she is the sister of comedian Vir das. I guess humour and creative thinking runs in the family. I didn’t mention it in the beginning because the focus of my review is the book and the author. And yes the beginning was a little slow but it picks up when Zafar enters the scene and if you want to know who Zafar is then go ahead and buy the book.

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The vampire diaries(TVD)

** Spoiler alert **

(You need to have some idea about TVD show and twilight to understand this post in that way you would be able to relate more)

There was a time when vampires were very popular even so that people wish they find some who could convert them into immortal. But there is a catch there always with the perfect skin and ageless life you have this constant thirst for blood where you can’t just control yourself and there is not any vampire you have not killed one person. A vampire might not have a heartbeat but they do have emotions; unless they turn it all off. I loved twilight and fancied Edward but even his translucent skin won’t make me want to be a vampire. Because this one life is enough I guess or if there is re-birth then clean slate… Being a vampire takes away your taste and I am a bit of a foodie so I would not trade anything for that.

A Vampire is folklore creatures that do not exist but that still has not stopped people from writing stories about it. I loved twilight by Stephanie Meyer but I don’t share that sentiment for the movies as the first 3 were an utter disgrace in the name of acting. I love Robert Pattinson but he was terrible in that it gets better in 4th one but then you have to see the first 3 where Kristen Stewart makes it impossible to go through with it. I wish they remake it and star better actors but then there are vampire diaries where you get the good stuff. They don’t just look good but they can act as well Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley. Damon played by Ian is a bloodthirsty vampire who falls in love with a teenager Elena who is his brother’s girlfriend but also looks like their ex-love Katherine.

Elena in TVD

The only diaries you will see in these vampire diaries when Stefan or Elena journals their thoughts only to be preyed on by others. What’s the point of having a journal when someone does not swoop in your deep dark thoughts? I never could make a habit of writing a Journal because as I write I wrote a lot as all these emotions had to come out in some way. I rather use my writing skills on reviewing these teenagers who are running around one by one turning either into vampires or dead. Yes, every season another favorite character dies which is unbelievable as we keep hoping they would somehow come back to life until they don’t.

Stefan in TVD

I liked Edward in twilight for his compassion and love and his resolution to just drink animal blood which he gained after years of restraint. Stefan was the good one just like Edward and Elena and Stefan were like Edward and Bella. But there is a twist in the story Damon where Elena couldn’t resist the bad boy’s charm that could? I wonder how could she fall out of love with Stefan but Damon is irresistible sure we hate his guts and his lack of concern but that’s what’s him desirable. I watched this show religiously for like 3 seasons but then I couldn’t watch the blood massacre anymore so I stopped watching until Netflix came into the picture. I love watching dramas since childhood now that I can’t watch the ones on Indian television I had to find something good outside as Indian films are turning out to be horrible for example Radhe.. No, I am not a Salman fan doesn’t care about his popularity but I won’t deny I liked him until Kuch Kuch Hota hai (Indian Film). It’s not just his others are turning out to be as horrible.

Damon in TVD

Anyway, I started watching it again where I stopped because I couldn’t watch it from the beginning as I knew the past. How could I watch 3 seasons where the Salvatore brothers tried so hard to save Elena from turning into a vampire and failing at it miserably? Damon and Stefan both resisted their thirst and other blood-sucking vampires in mystic falls but still, Elena became one where she felt out of place until she switches the emotions off and becomes female Damon. They look made for each other now they are together and Stefan eventually gets over it and move on. And I do know the ending but I started this show on a whim so I thought I might add my thoughts on this one as well.

Nik Klaus – Original vampire

Other than the trio Damon, Elena and Stefan, there are hybrids, werewolf’s witches. The prominent (ones which matter other than a trio) ones are Bonnie the witch who has immense power that even our original villain Klaus could not take it. Then there is Jeremy who is Elena’s little brother who happens to a vampire hunter, the irony being Elena becomes a vampire in this season and his brother hunter. Then there is Matt who despite all odds does not die and remain human till now or may he will till the end. Then there Caroline who was a classic bitch before she transitioned to a vampire so much so that I wonder how she was friends with Matt, Bonnie and Elena who were the good ones. After the transition, she becomes the good one still self-centered then there Katherine who has the position of a stone-cold bitch. She keeps on appearing on and off on the show as she has enmity with Nik Klaus so she is running from him for about 500 years… she has the same face and fate as Elena but Elena was the good one and she is the bitch. So now that Elena has turned her switch off now she is competing with Katherine and she might even be worse than Katherine. We can’t have two same faced same attitude mean girls on the show for long, can we? But it would be great to see when Elena turns her humanity one and every guilt and every pain comes rushing back to her then even Salvatore brothers would not be able to save her. Klaus is the original vampire who can’t be killed but if he did die then a long line of vampires will die with him who was made vampire by him. He has a British accent and certain charm which does not work on Caroline no matter how much he tries or how much he tries to make others fear him, he is helpless in front of her but she is in love with Tyler who is bound to Klaus. Then there is Rebecca who is mean even with her humanity but then she has been betrayed for a long time. Deep inside she is quite nice but whenever she trusts someone she is betrayed but them and she misuse her power like anything and has made everyone hate her. I don’t understand her obsession with becoming a human again does not she know how many people would want to kill her after she becomes human. She would not stand a chance but she tries hard to become one even though her best interests are in being an original vampire. Then there is Elijah he is the big brother to Klaus but he is not as evil. He is the good one but family is above all to him yet betrayed by his family. He has this subtle charm within him that when he walks in the room there is peace, not chaos very unlike Klaus. Elijah is a vampire but we can’t hate him and we can’t understand what she sees in Katherine who is a stone-cold bitch in every way.  He sees goodness in every one or expects to find some deep inside even in the worst of them.

Elijah – Original

So, if you fancy vampires and can stomach bloody gruesome scenes, enjoy drama or willing to take the death of your loved characters then go ahead watch TVD. Stefan and Elena were epic but then Damon and Elena are on another level. It’s a series you need some drama to pull through 8 seasons. And FYI why does not Caroline misery ever end? And why is Bonnie this impressionable? Why is Klaus so irresistible even after he did so many horrible things to good people? Maybe because of his British accent that why he got 4 seasons of original as lead after 4 seasons of TVD. It has one more spin-off the legacies which were not worth watching one season but it somehow got 3 seasons where all you could watch are ugly monsters trying to infiltrate Salvatore boarding school and Klaus daughter complete opposite of him living in guilt or burden of his father’s sins. And Twin daughters of Alaric who died in 3 seasons but somehow revived and end up copulating with a witch whose bloodline is cursed where one sister does consume the other one at a ceremony which gets boring till the end of season 1.

I still have not been able to get over this quote yet.. Love is Overrated…

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Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99 is a very famous comedy cop drama which is set in a police station in Brooklyn. The 99 precincts popular cop is Jake Peralta who is smug and thinks he is the best cop in the station and he is very right about that. But there is still Amy Santiago which is as good and there is a bet between them who will arrest more people in a year and the winner will give each other one wish. Peralta wants to take Amy on the worst date ever and Santiago wants to torch his car. All around season 1, they keep bickering with each other but till the end, they become friends and more… there are many other classic characters in this show and one of them captain Holt when he enters the station he tries to disciple everyone including Jake. I am still not sure he was able to discipline him or appreciate his humour. Holt is gay and I sometimes wonder how he can be so straight-faced with all these people who keep running around like a clown. This is not your boring police station but a crazy one. There is one character called the vulture who keeps taking away other people’s case. It’s hilarious to watch them fight with him for cases.

Santiago is a people pleaser, always on top whose one wishes (other than winning bet from Jake) is to ask Captain Holt to be her mentor but Holt is busy mentoring Jake on his own accord. It is hilarious to watch her squirm under pressure before him and do everything in her power to please him or fight with Jake now and then. Then there is Charles Bowles who is not as smart as them but not as bad as Hitchcock and Scully. Charles and Jake are buddies which I don’t know why but Jake is friends with everyone be it Rosa or Gina. Charles is crazy about his food if he was not a detective then he would have been a food blogger for sure. He is quite eccentric everyone is anything but not normal in this precinct. They made it this way so they can invent new crazy things every day which is why this show has 6 seasons and the last one will release this year only. I will miss Peralta but I hope it won’t bore me in the following seasons. This is one of those classic shows which people swear by but I was not able to start this one until now because I am not very fond of cop drama. If you are anyway thinking about the lines of Dabang and Singham so please don’t go there because this show has a reputation to make you laugh out loud for their crazy stories which can’t be found in Indian stuff. 

Amy and Jake

Terry is the head of these clowns and his eccentric nature, love for his girls and fear for going back on the field and his fitness freak freakiness. He is so big and strong no one can match his strength on 99. If Jake is the mind then Terry is the strength of the precinct. Then there is Rosa which Charles is in love but she is not interested not because he is weird but because he also is. She is headstrong and angry all the time on everyone just about everyone. But she is as good as Santiago and Jake j terms of solving the case. She will have a back story and I am waiting for that to come up. Even though she is tough on the outside but she is not as soft but a little bit soft on the inside which shows off later in the show. Then there is Gina and I can’t explain how high level of crazy she is. She can be a favourite subject of any psychiatrist as her thoughts are way too much for anyone to handle but then everyone here is like that. She is way too confident and means a lot of times but then she can be good sometimes. Yes, there is some goodness beneath that surface just scratch it you will find some.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Then there is Hitchcock and Scully who are old and best friend and are constantly mocked in the show but they take it lightly. I feel bad when they are made fun of but they are also weird in their crazy ways as Scully finds some or other way to take out his shirt even though he does not have a body for it. And Hitchcock has weird habits which I don’t remember but then he is a good opera singer. Every episode there is a new case and new story which tickles you to the bone so I would highly recommend this show and give it 4 stars out of 5 yes. I don’t give it usually but then this show can distract you anytime and make you laugh like crazy. 

P.S There are so many cops dressed in cool leather jackets. Diaz and Jake live in them in 1st season. Amy look like a corporate businesswoman more than a Cop. Holt looks like a proper Cop but then who can wear that uniform all the time and look so dashing. Terry looks like he has come home from the gym with his joggers whereas Gina looks normal just as an assistant would be or a sly fox. Then there is Charles he looks like a basic common man but then he is a good second to Jake.

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Chalaang or leap of faith??

Predictable yet entertaining plot...

Will montu reach the finish line ?

Chalaang takes you through the highs and lows of sports world. There is the age old saying that padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab and kheloge kudoge to banoge khrab. And that is what the moto of our PTI montu sir who feels sports can’t take you anywhere but his thought process changes once our heroin sorry correction our villian sorry singh sahab new PTI teacher enters the scenario. This is a sports movie with a dash of romance and loads of adventure.

Who will win the competition??

It makes you you reminisce dangal but not so much that you forget about this one. Rajkumar Rao is all about acting and he excels the role of small city teacher who wants to get married and settled with his dream girl but there is catch she does not have the same goals. Nusrat barucha enters as this simple computer teacher who has studied in Delhi University yet wants to work as a teacher and help others. Rajkumar motivation might be to impress nusrat but it soon converts into goal to be successful PTI. Mohd zeeshan ayub is not our conventional villian but has some gray shades to his character which enough to start a fight between the two for dominance.

The couple 💑 – montu and neelu

The outcome is very very predictable but not so much as we wait with baited breadth to listen to the results. This is not a first sports movie who has used tricks to make our underdogs champion. Unbelievable as it was but it was fun to see the smart ones wrestle and sweet out in the heat running from the dogs just to eat guava, catching chickens to eat it and battling with ata to make round roti’s(FYI I do have respect for the guys who can cook round roti and not burn them in process as even the girls can’t make it these days). Also this wont be first time they would try to highlight girl power and use them in the teams against all boys. Small city small mentality has been quashed in this movie again and again we have heard all of these again and again but still lots of people have this mentality that girls should not play side by side with boys.

The lazy montu

**spoiler alert
Things I liked in the movie-
1. When nusrat motivates rajkumar to take girls in his team and they seem strong contender than the boys of the team.
2. Sam dam dand bedh the part how nusrat convinces every parent to let their children take part in the competition was awesome and new approach with old mindset (blackmail them to give up)
3. The competition of how the underdogs fight the champions and it was surprising to even watch them compete in such good way but it would have been better if they had showed them practicing a little bit.
4. The simplicity of nusrat salwar suit and kurtis and rajkumar track pants.

The underdogs

Things left me confused
1. I never understand how rajkumar Rao chooses his team without any reason with such utter lack of faith
2. I didn’t like how nusrat calls rajkumar to see that she teaches disabled kids but never explains how they came there out of the blue as it is not possible to be these kids part of a semi government school where they have such lack of infrastructure or patience.
3. The song care ni karda is so out of place as there was no need to of it to add in the end because let’s face it we have outgrown the need to listen to songs in movies every half an hour id the story line is good enough we don’t even need them wear expensive wardrobe
4. I did not ever understood why rajkumar did not had a seat on the back of his scooter. There was no need to do such thing so it seemed very stupid and using a pillow to make a girl sit on it was something else.

Nusrat on the pillow seat

I won’t say it was a great movie but it was not so bad and we can watch it one time so I will give this one a 3 star only because of the simplicity of the movie.

The coach of the underdogs aka Montu

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Extended lockdown and what it means to us..

What’s with this word Jan anushasan phakwada??

First things first why are we trying to make it look something big and ideal thing when it is just a simple lock down which happened last year for like 2 months and one week if my memory is right(chances are people won’t understand this, so better stick to the English words or easy Hindi). It is a curfew where we can’t go out and meet any one else but just for essential activities which I don’t need to explain because it has been there on Instagram and every other place we could look at but still people don’t get it. Why do government have to write every other day that rules are more strict now just when we should follow the rules if we care about our lives if not others. Human being is inherently selfish but then now I do feel they are foolish too as people are still getting married and others are participating in charade when so many people are dying in our country.

So when we are at this discussion of what’s right and what not let me ask you a question and if you feel like you can reply in my comments or if not just think about it. A few days ago I listened to my neighbor claiming people might die of Corona but they should not die of hunger. And i was like no one should die anyway but how can we end this lock down as most people are infected and passing along the virus because let’s just face it we can’t usually follow social distancing rules because if we did then this second wave would not be this deadly. It’s worse than before as I know many people got infected and that is more than last time. It is scary but then how can we forget about people who are daily wage earners who might die of hunger due to this lock down. Last year when all of this was new people were outraged and government was trying to help poor people and give them food but what about this time as elections have ended so are the promises of politicians.
Rajasthan government recently made a decision that they will give vaccine free to everyone above 18 years of age and the MPs will give away their 2 months salary for this noble cause because let’s face it India might said to be a developing country but there are many who couldn’t afford to buy themselves good let alone injection and this vaccine is a necessary evil which had to be taken but there are still who don’t want to take it. No matter how many times it is explained to them they still find something wrong about it. The people who recently got covid-19 and are above 45 years of age might be regretting that why didn’t they took at least first doze of vaccine if they did they wouldn’t have to run around for Ramdesvir vaccine and oxygen cylinders and people would not be black marketing it. Even rich people are finding it difficult to get a hold on beds and essential medicines at this high rate so think about middle class who can’t even think about getting infected and took the burden of hospitalization because for them it is hard to even take one extra penny out for their monthly expense let alone spend on medicines but can we let our loved ones die because of  that so the sane thing is hide indoors and come out only when needed and yes get yourself vaccinated because if you do then you might get infected but it won’t be this serious.

Let’s talk again about our dear politicians who are now trying to become Savior but they are the ones who rallied outside due to elections and let this disease spread even more. It took a lot of effort to control this disease last year and we never had thought we had to see lockdown days again but we are again here and who is at fault? You, me and everyone else and the ones who let people gather in public in places like Kumbh as they thought God will save them but have we forgetting it already that God help those who help themselves. So if you need his blessing then you need to follow rules not break it if someone else is doing a wrong thing then you don’t have to do the same thing. You have to set an example for others to follow which is hard I know but then death is not easy for you or your loved ones.

I don’t know how long this lockdown will extend but then when I see my closed ones coming into the claws of this virus it scares the hell out me. So take the vaccine because every vaccine will build you immunity which will save you from the lethal effect of virus. And I know there are new strains outside but then scientists might find new ways to save us but you duty is to take precautions and then leave everything to the fate. As the times get tough it is better to focus on productive things and take mind off the toxic news. It is good to be updated but not to go crazy over it that you can’t breathe by the scare of virus you might or might not have it yet.

P.S Use the masks and sanitisers for your safety even after the vaccine with a dose of social distancing.

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Tuesdays and Fridays (T&F) – Netflix Reviews

All I want to say after watching this movie is that ‘Tuesday well spent”.

When I first saw this movie trailer on Netlfix I was like I don’t think I am going to like this one. The concept of the movie is kinda weird but very pro to our modern times. Millennials might actually must have been doing this Tuesday and Friday dating thing, a bi-weekly romance.. And I am a little traditional so I thought I would never like this one. But this one is not what I expected and I don’t regret watching it and I am happy Netlfix has released this movie along with all the creepy ones because we need some rom coms in India too.

Expectations always suck so we don’t ever want to get away with that so we make sure that if we are doing something that doesn’t disappoint us. So even before watching a new movie we read reviews(which are full of spoilers) and check the ratings on our reliable Imdb which in this case has given 4.9ish rating to this one. So I was stalling myself not watch and get disappointed but then the holiday kinda push you to do the unexpected. As I had so much free time in my hands I thought of utilizing it by critiquing the movie. And as for being a writer a day without writing is like a wasteful day. Whenever I post something on my blog it’s gives me a fulfilling feeling but enough about me let’s talk about the movie T & F.

Tuesdays and Fridays stars Anmol dhillon (ponam dhillon’s son) who has done some very small roles on TV which I don’t think I have seen because I would have definitely remembered him. He has this South Indian actors vibe but then this sexy, hot writer characters suits him well. And as for the heroin Jatalekha Malhotra has been a runner up for Miss India 2014 and she is pretty to be a part of a paegant. It is not new for a former paegant runner up to star in a movie and she is pretty enough to be in it. P.S Her name is too weird but then whatever your name is gotta own it. Anmol and Jatalekha chemistry is great so much so that you feel there should be more of it in the movie.
(Not spoiler free)

Cute sweet Reem Shekh as younger sister

So the plot is that hero meets heroin and they become friends and the heroin very boldly asks him out which is very new and the hero hesitates which is also new not because he doesn’t like her but because he is scared to hurt her cliché isn’t it. He says he doesn’t date anyone more than seven weeks. So the heroin thinks all night and proposes an arrangement in which she asks him to date her on only Tuesdays and Fridays not weekends but on weekday. Smart lawyer isn’t it as this arrangement will make him value her and her time.

Sri devi from kaante nai kat te and prem from meine pyar kia

My thoughts on this latest rom com-
1. This is a much progressive movie where her mom instead of pushing her to get married tells her she is getting married to her boyfriend when her daughter should. And then the daughter becomes the mother and interviews her step father in law if he is good enough to make her mother happy.
2. Rather than being married in a boring red lehanga daughter inspires the mother to wear something casual and comfortable lehanga (like that is even possible but it is better than the red one) we had been over the red shadi ka lehanga a long time ago..
3. Reem Shekh looked cut, dancing in that peppy song which was not that good..But Reem in a cameo looked cute and as I have seen her on TV, I think she can do better. But then older sister dictating her younger sister life and seemed to be to dramatic.
4. I won’t say the movie has a fresh plot except that Tuesday and Friday part but other than that it is mostly predictable but then I still enjoyed it. Finally an Indian rom com in middle of those creepy horror weird movies which does not seem to leave the screen these days.
5. This movie would not have faired well in theaters its better it to be screened on OTT platform where people who like this kinda movies when they find it on Netflix.
6. It’s currently 2nd on Netlfix list so I am sure people are watching it and liking it. This movie definitely get the advantage of lockdown as people don’t have anything else to other than surfing OTT platforms for a good watch..
7. The movie could have been more spicy but then the writer thought to take a safer route than to scandalise it.
8. There is this thing about readers I don’t know of its just me but writers always attract them. And anmol dhillon as hot writers works well for me. I don’t think I could ever not like a movie in which the lead is a writer. But I wish they had explored him more as a writer than just a chocolaty romantic  boy.
9. FYI the cafe in which most scenes are shot looks heavenly and for a writer an amazing place to write. If I could find such a place then I am pretty sure a lot more idea would come to more with the pretty boys in the Cafe.
10. The music of this cute rom com is just bizarre with neha kakkar and Tony kakkar voice randomly misplaced everywhere. There was no need for a cameo from Neha kakkar in it. It has the worse soundtrack
11.The movie is full of meet cute moments. I especially liked when jatalekha dons Sri devi look for her sisters party. She was supposed to look out of place but she looked really great in it. But if I ever had to go to a bollywood night I would do this only Sri devi in kaante na kat te blue saree
12. Tolsty once said that happy families are all alike but unhappy families are unhappy in their own ways. That is portrayed well for sia and varun but when the writer tried to explore their back stories more then it took of the focus from the which I didn’t like. So too many backstories not fully explored

That heavenly cafe I was talking about..

I guess I might have criticized it a little too much but then I would have liked it more if Sanjay Leela bhansali productions put in more effort in the story not just the aesthetics. But seriously I would give it a 3 stars and it is definitely one time watch if you are into rom coms but if you are not then we don’t have much in common.. Just kidding I like all sorts of genre I don’t ever stick to one..

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6 reasons you should watch shadowhunters right now


If you haven’t really find this treasure just yet now is the time to binge it on.. I don’t really re-watch shows but sometimes not most times I am compelled to watch show to keep my sanity when I couldnot just find anything I would like to watch. So this show is one of the rare shows I have seen twice by now and one of the major reason is Dominic Sherwood but before I further elaborate on this I would like to give you short version of this epic show. The story revolves around Clary Fray whose learns about her real identity when she turns 18. In desperate need to find her mother she ventures into the shadow world where she meets Jace (Dominic sherwood), Isabelle and Alec who help find her mother and stop her estranged yet wicked father. So here are sone reasons I think would make you watch this show. Even if you don’t its fine because these are the reasons I love this show –

Dominic Sherwood

1. Dominic sherwood – if you have not already seen him yet then you should he looks amazing in this show. His character Jace Wayland is one of the most amazing character of this show. He is not only good looking, smart but also a great fighter. It was easy Clary our heroin to fall for him but then he also falls for as quickly and they are most romantic couple in the show. I could just watch this show anytime for their sizzling chemistry. This show had the most intriguing plot which will make you spell bound to complete this show.

Jace and Clary

2. Shadow world – “All the legends are true.” Shadow world is as mysterious as ever and hidden from the mundanes(another name for humans like muggles in Harry potter) It’s funny how they find weird names for us as if we are dumb enough not to notice as they glamor themselves and hide everything from us. Shadowhunters are the Savior of mundane who don’t know if demons exist in this world so their duty is to banish them back to Edom(hell). They also maintain the order in shadow world between Vampire, werewolves, warlock and seelie.


3. Shadowhunters- Shadowhunters are part angel and part human as they have traces of blood of Angel Raziel who created first Shadowhunter to save the world from demons. They use Stelle to draw runes (looks like tattoo but aren’t really) on their body which if drawn on a mundane might make them crazy. These runes gives them power to increase speed, stamina, heal quickly( Iratze is my favorite one), watch clearly in night, hear someone even from a great distance and a lot more. They use the sword made by adamas which can kill demons or sent them away from this dimension. They are cool warriors who only thinks about their duty to save the world.

Alec Lightwood

4. Book adaptations – As a reader( always teased by my friends) I always loved the shows which are based on books and this show is not an exception. Mortal instruments is one of the bestseller books.  The reason I started watching this show because I wanted to have an idea about the characters of this show so I watched one season of the show then resumed reading the book which consists of 6 books. This show is not an exact copy of the book but the show creator Ed Dector has done some major good changes in the show which worked well for me. I don’t say this usually because rarely I like the show more than the books and this show is one of them. This show is not the first adaptation of  mortal instruments but there was a movie adaptations city of bones on the 1st part of this series was failed at the box office. The movie was exactly same as the plot of the book but it didn’t fair well onscreen. The books are good on their own but shadowhunters is amazing and I am a fan of Cassandra Clare for writing this book which led to this show. P.S don’t watch movie adaptations because it suck.

Magnus Bane – Warlock

5. Downworlders – shadow world is incomplete without downworld. They have vampire who drink blood, have great and stamina. They don’t live in coffins, speak God’s name with a little effort but holy water is lethal on them and can be killed by a stake. They have werewolves who are humans but change on every full moon as they have been bitten by a lycanthrope and got this disease but their eyes twinkle in green color and can tear apart any demon or vampire. They have warlocks who can do magic, create portal to go to another place, or create anything they desire. Every warlock have an animal sign and they are Immortals just like the vampires and like others have demon blood in their body along with human blood. Seelie are like fairies and they can lie but they can mend the truth and confuse you by their power. Seelie don’t have any loyalty towards anyone but themselves and always take the winning side. They are protectors and can harness the power from earth and take weapons from them. They have tattoos on their face of leaves and wines.

Magnus and Alec- Malec

6. Epic gay couple – After Jace, Magnus Bane is most amazing character in this show. Magnus and Alec are the most beautiful couple ever even better than Jace and Clary. They are couple goals and no one can beat them. Where Magnus is charming with his magic, Alec is handsome and brooding warrior who lives for his duty. Even though Magnus has lived through centuries but he falls for Alec on first sight and what happens later is history. I don’t think I ever liked any couple more than them. I loved Cassandra Clare for writing Magnus character even though he is not lead(in this show or book) when he walks into frame then there is magic everywhere.

Isabelle lightwood

If this is not enough then there is Isabelle who is a badass warrior who is also a scientist and a weapon maker. She is bold, smart and beautiful. She has had her vulnerable moments yet she emerges as a stronger.

Simon Lewis- Vampire

Then there is Nerdy Simon who is Clary’s best friend and secretly in love with her but then he dies and becomes a vampire. He is musician and singer and a cool daylighter who is indestructible(later in the show).

Clary Fray (Clarissa Fairchild, Clarissa Morgernstern)

Clary is headstrong and have real angel blood like Jace and can draw runes which is unknown to any shadowhunter. She can create a portal, make dead return alive, she can throw light from her hand and kill a demon and what not.

Katherine McNamara and Dominic sherwood

If you are still not convinced then I am afraid you don’t have a good taste or our tastes don’t match. This show is available on Netlfix India.


P.S if you have already watched this show then feel free to comment your views. Mortal instruments have prequel and sequels if you want to know more about shadow world then dig in. There is one book which is based on Magnus too. Enjoy.

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Suheldev By Amish – is all about religion

(Clash of Hindus vs Muslims)

Its always great to hear that Amish is publishing a new book but this news made me a little skeptical. This is the first time this book though endorsed by Amish is not solely his brain product. For those of you who don’t know it yet Amish has started a Writers centre and this book is the result of that. So the thing is the plot is conceived by Amish but the first draft is written by an anonymous writer in his writer centre but then edited by Amish of course. When you go through the book you keep thinking what if it was solely written by Amish. But when you go on reading, it gives you different experience altogether. But here is a piece of good news not all the books in future Amishverse will be written like this. There would some books which will be solely written by him like the Ramachandra series or few else. I am pretty sure we would keep on analyzing which one is better!! FYI Amish has recently announced a new non fiction book with his sister Bhavana, let’s see what this combination result in.

About the book –

After Mythology, Amish has ventured into Historical genre for the first time and this wouldn’t be the last one as Amish has planned many stories for his future endeavors. The protagonist of this book is Suheldev, he was a prince from a small Kingdom who later on went and defeated the Gaznavaid General Salar Maqsud at the Battle of Bahraich. This book is filled with patriotism and Religion. Amish is known to add on his learnings in his book but this time he went too deep. Hindu vs Muslims is the biggest problem in India right now or it was then too in 1034 CE.

Warning if you are looking for no spoilers review then this is not the one for you but it doesn’t have too much of it either. So venture at you own risk.

This book is fictional so it might not be exact as it happened back then but who knows what happened then because there are not any authentic texts available for Suheldev. There is so much confusion around his name to know anything for sure. And that’s why I think we can pick up this book and get to know Amish’s version of Suheldev.

Young and rebellious Suheldev swears to avenge his brothers death and the destruction of Somnath Temple. But that coudnot be done as a direct attack on mighty Turks of Gaznvi so the smart prince finds a middle ground and become a bandit and try to finish off any Turks he can lay his hands on and help the needy in the process. He meets many great warriors in process and keeps on adding them to his army. Suheldev is honorable but he is also wise, he follows the rules of dharma when needed but discard any protocol which might hurt him later. Some might say he does some sinful things but all is far in love and war. And it has some love in it but just a little bit tiny portion of it and you can totally call it an action packed adventure filled with war strategies and explicit action sequences. It is as if they are happening in front of you. The book is well written offcourse as it done after thick research. Also the characters are very well etched sometimes it felt too way to precise as they came from writers learning class. Obviously the plot is good that’s why I managed to finish this book but the doubt seed is still there. But in between those lines somewhere along the way you find Amish and his philosophies making its way into your mind knowingly.
What I like in Suheldev is that he is smart not idealistic fool, he runs away from a battle he can’t win only to strike at an appropriate time. But the way he converts himself from a spoilet brat to an inspiring figure is such a common predictable plot point seems like if it is copied from an old bollwood movies. The book is good for a beginner level reader but sometimes I find some lines repetitive. Its like stating the obvious which makes you cringe sometimes but not all book is bad. Sometimes I feel like I am taking a history lesson, but I am not sure if its factual or fictional .

The good old Casteism – Hindu vs Muslims agenda

This book has throughly explored the Hindu and Muslim ideology and their conflicts. I would have to agree here that Muslims are always judged at a pedestal in India and anywhere else in the world. After the attack on Twin tower America has gone on an alert and watches Muslim with hawk eyes but we can’t blame them can we? But we also can’t blame innocent Muslims for the crime they didn’t commit. This book tries to revive that Hindu muslim brotherhood but we all have been raised like that unconsciously we are apprehensive of them. And the way Citizenship Amendment Act protests have turned out, Indian Muslims insecurities are justified. But this book goes too soft on Hindus. In short this book is like thesis of why Muslim hate hindus?


The Muslim rulers have been notoriously infamous for forcing people to convert their religion. This book also points out this issue, and the atrocities committed on them for hiding their faith. I believe each and every individual should have the liberty to follow their own religion but you can’t force someone else to not to practice their beliefs until and unless if it’s hurting someone else.


This would be my first time reading about sufism. Although this book doesn’t satiates my curiosity on the subject but its a good introduction. It doesn’t only gives you info on Hinduism but also on Islam as well. I particularly liked a dialogue in between Maulavi and Sufi Saint. It was like a verbal dual over scriptures.

My own views –
Sometimes it feels like I am reading some article where there are both questions and its answers. Sometimes it feels like this book is trying to create a certain mindset in the minds of the impressionble readers.

FYI it has the most awkward romantic instance ever, as it can beat if there was any before this book came out. I mean there wasn’t a need to have a romance in this book. And I am not the only who thinks that.

There are lines in this which are unoriginal it is as if I have read them before somewhere.

The book overall is like a social commentary on whats wrong with Hindus and Muslims even now. Its the basis of the book. Why did turks want to invade India and the world? Its like an essay on religion.

Maa Kali Regiment led by Toshani is good attempt in the book as tool f9r women empowerment. But it falls flat on face when this is not explored throughly. I wish they had used this women Regiment at the time of real war and highlighted their achievements if any but I was disappointment. Recruiting women to the armed forces has always been an conflicting issues. There are only few women in Indian armed forces and even lesser in the combat forces. Men always find one or another reason to intimidate women. I don’t say that I am inclined towards it but I don’t think we should stop anyone who willingly wants to make their career in this field. We can’t limit people on our judgemental views.

Pick or skip
Read the book if you are an Amish fan. You are fond of historical genre. Or have an affinity towards action scenes. Its a beginner level book so new readers can also pick this one.
If we talk about the difference between Amish book and writer centre book so I will there is some but it might improve over time. The plot and researcher is Amish level but the dialogues can be improved. In the end I enjoyed this book even though I am not an action genre fan but I wouldn’t have picked if it wasnot Amishs book. So even though I might have criticized this book for certain things I still think it’s a good book. I would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars.

P.S This book is already in the talks of becoming a motion picture but I hope this is not delayed as Immortals of Meluha.

#qotd – Any Amish fan out there? I would like to discuss his book and bond with you…

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The resurgence Indian pop culture !!!!

There was a time when India also had a pop music. The time when we were at a glory in competition with the Hollywood. On one side we have our Shaan, Sony Nigam, Alisha Chenoy, KK and Falguni pathak on the other hand there were backstreet boys, one direction, Ricky Martin in the blissful 90s. But soon this bollywood wave evaporated everything while the Hollywood pop culture bloomed, Indian pop music disappeared. But now I think that culture is reentering so I would like to tell you all my favorites. If we talk about my favorite singer its undoubtedly Dhvani Bhanushali, her videos are so fresh and sweet. She makes me remember of falguni pathak and her songs like Yaad piya ke aane lage. So here are my top 10 Indian video album songs.

1. Yaad Piya ke Aane Lage – The old has its own place in my heart but the new one featuring Divya Khosla kumar its just crazy. No one could ever found a girl like this or should I say the writer just got creative. Divya Khosla no where looks her age in any of her music videos and the song is peppy and perfect for a Dance at any family function. I can’t say the plot is original but when Sitara played by Divya breaks the bottle and dance at the baraat of her ex boy friend is entertainingly scandalising. I just have one problem with this song, creators hinted a sequel to the song which never came into light and we never got to know what happened to sitara in 3010 on Alien planet.. Can anyone answer this ? Divya Khosla kumar ??

2. Teri Aankhon Mein – This song male part is sung by my another favorite Darshan Raval. Pearl v Puri and Divya Khosla seems like a perfect match in this video but she would look great with any male actor. She always has two guys swooning over her. This time when the revenge date become a real one no one knew. These songs are for those guilty pleasure moments to give you that little oxytocin to fight the struggles of your life.

3. Le Ja Le Ja Re – This is again a remix, usually I don’t really like remix as they don’t add anything to the original songs but sometimes they does like the Dil kya kare of Shaan is soothing. But this one of Dhvani bhanushal has a great video and the songs is reasonably peppy. If you are struggling to express your feelings to your crush then this is the song for you, it will give you the right amount of reassurance to fight the hot b**** by his side.

4. Na Ja Tu – I already said in the beginning I am full on Dhvani bhanushali fan so this is also her song. If you get the love of your life its great but if you don’t then itd inspiring to move on make something of yourself. It has the greatest of the views, prettiest of the clothes and music is great as well. Her songs are always on my wynk Playlist.

5. Nayan – Ok now I would annoy you I know but bear with me and watch this latest Dhvani Bhanushali pop song and I would swear you will love. When everyone is releasing sad songs she has released the most romantic song ever. May be not the most romantic but the cutest one for now. I so loved this one and the lead actor would definitely become crush of various teenagers for now. There is Vaaste as well don’t forget to check it out ( Crazy fan)

6. Aaj bhi – I know I look like a romance sucker for now but this one is a sad song. (Surbhi Jyoti with Ali Fazal you are killing it). It just gives you a reason to cry even if you don’t have any but if you have a broken heart then be prepared with a bucket full of chocolate chip ice cream (any flavor you prefer) and listen to this on repeat until you get that jersey out of your system for good and move on to the good stuff.. I mean Self love is the best, Right ?? Vishal mishra is slowly steadily growing on me his latest Judda kar diya is also sad but beautiful video featuring Erica Fernandez and Harshad Chopra. If you are missing Kasauti 2 then go watch this one in a different avatar.

7 Main Jaandiyaan – This one does a little over 16 million views only lesser than others but this one is great romantic song featuring our own Sanaya Israni and Arjit taneja, they look so good together despite of the ending. I just love to listen to this song. It has this soulful voice of Neha bhasin and Meet bros music is a pleasure to hear sometimes if not all times.( Just kidding)

8. Did Kho Ke – This is a crime to forget Arjun Kanungo but you should agree that his popularity has dipped when he got committed to his girlfriend. But nevertheless his voice is still as beautiful and videos as enchanting. This is such a peppy number that i kept listening to this one on repeat. And Jonita Gandhi is the best choice to compliment him in this song. But I also liked him in Tum na ho with Prakrti kakkar. Tu na mera and Aaya na tu is great to hear as well. Go check them out on YouTube you will love him.

9. Neendo se breakup – How can Nikhil d’souza be behind in this songs race. This song is heartbreaking when you see it but not as much when you hear it. Meet bros is not bad after all but Aditi Bhatia looks too cute in this one even better when she played the old Ruhi in Yeh hain mohabatein. I think I am falling in love with these video songs culture. FYI Many teenagers are crushing on Manav chabra for playing the lovelorn immature boy but not me.. hehehehe

10. Asal Mein – Let’s end this with a sas song on a sad note. When you fall in love with your best friend and she falls in love with someone else. Such a classic heart-wrenching theme. If you have been there my condolences, and you will get your Mr Right until then you have you and you don’t need anyone else.. And this song will make you cry but you will be glad you have Darshan Raval songs to hear. I saw him on TV reality show name I don’t remember but he sang his own creation – Mere Nishan and I was hooked later he sang this song for a star plus tv show and it was the theme for it as well. He is the next Arjit singh of our generation.. I think…

The key here is to vast popular TV actors or models that just attracts the viewers and which give these songs million of views despite of the fact they are good bad. These songs many of them are good but many of them are forgettable as well. I used to wonder why and how my father and even my grandfather could listen to those old songs. But now that I grown up and listen to those old songs I enjoy them on our old cassette recorder even on the mobile phone apps. They have this beauty of enchanting us with their simplicity which these new songs don’t have even with the greatest of the innovation they lack something which our predecessors had. These songs are no doubt beautiful too look at once, twice, max 4 to 5 times but these old songs are here for like 70 to 80 years. Even now they get remixed but most times it looses it charm. I hope we get better with time and produce some good meaningful songs which makes sense to sing even when we are not even good as bathroom singers. I urge song writers to write better lyrics which feel real than just repeating one old line again and again.

A Music Lover Generation

P.S No one can beat Tseries in this sector. No offense anyone. I have given the youtube links as well for your convenience at the end it.

Currently my Favorite is the song Nayan by Dhvani Bhanushali and I would definitely would like to re watch it soon.

#qotd: What’s your favorite Indie pop song from current scenarios. Do comment I might find something new to like..

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