Web series now streaming on prime television due to Covid-19

(New web series on zee tv amidst Corona Scare)

Due to the sudden outbreak of Corona, everyone is suffering a lot along with tv industry. The shooting of current shows has stopped so there are no new episodes to telecast on tv. Some channels are playing old episodes, some are playing popular old shows or popular shows from other channel on Main channel like Star plus. Zee TV has come up with a brilliant solution to this problem. Zee tv has its own Ott platform where they have many web series. So they will show Ekta Kapoor shows on prime time which are only available on Jio Cinema, Zee5 and Alt Balaji app. Currently the lockdown has been increased to 21 days and three new shows are re launched on zee TV and they are – Karle tu bhi Mohabbat, Baarish (2019)and Kehne ko Humsafar hain.Baarish is the show which caught my attention not because of the story but it’s depiction of story in backdrop of Mumbai Rains. As we don’t have anything new to watch on tv right now, this seems like a good alternative for now. So Baarish is the story of a middle class Maharashtrain Gauravi(Asha Negi) who works at diamond Jewellery store of Mehta Diamond, whose owner is Anuj (Sharma joshi). So Anuj’s sister falls in love with Gauravi’s Brother but Gauravi’s brother decline the marriage proposal because of her elder sister Gauravi is still unmarried, Anuj’s mother comes up with a brilliant solution to marry Anuj and Gauravi. Doesn’t that ring a bell, if you have been watching Ekta kapoor dramas for a while then you would know its story seems similar to popular show ‘Bade Ache Lagta hain'(Ram kapoor and Sakshi tanwar) which has been shown on sony tv for I don’t remember how many episode but it must be around 500. I don’t know why Ekta Kapoor had to make the show with same story again just adding new actors with a little bit of change in storyline and Mumbai Rains in backdrop. Gauravi and Anuj seems mismatch at first but after a while they seem more perfect with each other than anyone else.Gauravi at first seems like a Cinderella but she doesn’t need a Knight and shining armour to save herself from this world. She insists on sharing her salary with her parents, this is such a bold move from a girl who is marriageable age and wants to share her family’s burden otherwise this family wouldn’t be able to make ends meet. She raises a fair question if a man shares his salary with his parents why can’t a girl do the same? And her mother’s replies it would take 15 more years to reach to that stage but I think that time has come, its just that man has to accept it. Education and career is so very important for millennials these days, but family is as important.In one scene Sharman Joshi ask the hotel staff to give him the leftover food so that he can feed to the needy. He seems like a member of robinhood army who helps feed the less fortunate with the help of leftovers given by restaurants and people. How great it would be if people would give away the leftover food to these people instead of throwing it away in garbage. So one last thing this show also has dashing Vikram Singh Chauhan(Yeh Jadoo hai Jinn ka) as Asha Negi s brother, this could be one of the reason to watch it.So the second show is ‘Karle tu bhi mohabbat‘ by our famous Ram kapoor and Sakshi tanwar and their bitter sweet bickering. It was okay in ‘Bade ache lagte hain’ and we dealt with it. But making the show on the base of their fights and with poor storyline is just too much for me to take. Ram’s character is an alcoholic and divorcee actor who would loose his role in movie if he doesn’t go with counseling and there comes Sakshi tanwar who takes her job very seriously and is proud to able to stop people from drinking. They meet and their bickering starts and it’s not sweet anymore. As there is nothing more to watch on tv and if you are their fan then go ahead and watch it but consider yourself warned. And it has 3 seasons not just one like Baarish.The last but not the least is ‘Kehne ko Humsafar hain‘ and it has Ekta kapoor favorite actor Ronit Roy with Gurdeep Kohli and our ‘Jassi jaise koi nai’ I mean Mona Singh. Don’t worry she doesn’t look as awful in this one, she has gone through make over a long time ago but how can we forget copy of iconic show Ugly Betty(it doesn’t stand a chance against Ugly Betty). It has 2 season so sorry in advance if I am spoiling the story for you. So Ronit Roy is married to Gurdeep kohli but doesn’t have romance in his life and he meets Mona Singh and falls in love with her. So there confusion starts what should he do? Pick love or break his happy family even if he is not happy. So I will go forward and tell you what is second season about (don’t hate me for it) Ronit Roy is now married to mona Singh but he is still unhappy and feels alone and attracted towards his first wife Gurdeep kohli and he is confused again. Ronit Roy is popular for his Rishabh Bajaj character on TV(and yes the new one is played by Karan grover is not as appealing in the remake) but Ekta Kapoor has done what she does in all her shows create choas to make audience hooked. But I’ll admit that these sort of situation can arise in life. Still you can watch this one for amazing cast. Also this one has Kasautti Zindagi kay 2 fame Parth Samthan(Anurag Basu) in supporting along with Pooja Banerjee (Nivedita Basu) as couple.

So if you can’t find anything else to watch then go watch these show from 9 to 11 pm on Zee TV. Or you can just Netflix(movie recommendation this Quarantine) or Prime or Hotstar if you have subscription. If not then head over to your good old tv. I would like to add one more thing that I like this concept of finite series as it does not over explore the concept and end when it’s time.#baarish #kehnekohumsafarhain #Karletubhimohabbat #zeetv #zee5 #altbalaji

Netflix Movie Recommendation for your Watchlist !!! (Rom-coms)

(What to watch when you have seen everything in your watchlist. And don’t worry this list not have some new but decade old rom coms in which some of them are classics.)

As real life is getting scary, sometimes you just need to sit back and relax at your home and put a lakshman rekha at your door for outsiders. Netflix has vast selection of movies and finding the perfect one for can be a challenging task. So don’t worry I got you covered, I have selected a few good Rom coms for you to watch during this 21 day lockdown –

1. Notting Hill (1999) – Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, if you still have not convinced let me tell you, these two are great actors and you can’t miss their movies especially this one. Julia Roberts who plays a high profile American Actress, falls in love with a British Bookseller played by Hugh Grant. This movie is just magical. This movie will make you wonder what is better an ordinary life or a high profile celebrity one? Both have its pros and cons, some might prefer the attention but some might want to settle down for the peace with family. Will they be able to put aside their difference and realise their love for each other.

2. Sleepless in Seattle(1993) – Seattle is infamous for its Rainy season and I think reason is this movie only. Also this movie has Tom Hanks, all the more reason to watch it. If we look it objectively, it’s the story of son who is trying to find a companion for his father and a mother for himself. Tom Hanks character is so depressed after his wife death, one day he shares his thoughts on live radio in Seattle and as Annie hears his thoughts she writes a letter to him. The move is so thoughtful and has touching moments, you can’t just miss this one.. while I am publishing this blog it’s raining in my city.

3. My Best Friends Wedding (1997)– This one is also a classic movie. Julia Roberts is the Queen of the 90s and this one also has Cameron Diaz in it. When Jullian learns about her Best Friends Wedding she does everything in her power to sabotage the wedding as she realizes she will lose her best friend to someone else. I know the plot doesn’t seem very unique but the movie is great and unmissable. There is one more movie Made of honor which has the same story came a little later but here roles are changed and Patrick Dempsey(Greys anatomy fame) does all to win his best friend back as he realizes he loves her.

4. Runaway bride (1999) -This movie got very less rating at the IMDb but it’s a great rom com. Julia Roberts makes you like her instantly in any role. You just love her, she is so great and Richard gere is so charming and he makes you go all mushy. The story is about a girl named Maggi Carpenter who has left 3 men at the altar and is going to marry 4th in a week. Graham is a journalist who is cynical about all women in general writes about her in his column which makes him lose his job. So he goes to the small town to find if or not Maggi will runway this time. All this while people are wondering why Maggi Carpenter keeps running away from her weddings. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts has worked before in Pretty Woman which is one of the classic and most loved movie of 90s. Their chemistry is great and you can see sparks everywhere.

5. Love Actually(2003) – This movie has big stars like Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in it. It is has just not one or two but 8 london couples who struggle with their relationship. It has so many storylines running parallel but you don’t get confused as this movie is carefully scripted. It has ample of romantic moments along with Christmas vibes. This movie has various adaptation, including one Indian named Salam-e-Ishq starring Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Khanna and many others. The Indian adaptations was a failed attempt but this British rom com will make you reserve a special place in your heart.

6. The Notebook(2004) – Let me clarify in advance this is not Indian ‘Notebook(2019)’ which failed on box-office but this is based on book written by Nicholas Sparks. The story starts as an elderly man who tells a romantic story from his Notebook to a fellow patient. This movie will make you cry like crazy and will re-instate you faith in true love. It’s hard to believe in today’s time if a guy can love girl ao much so that he literally spends his life taking care of her. If this is not enough then there is Ryan Gosling in it(yes the La la land one). There is one Indian adaptation of this movie(U, Me aur Hum) but I wont suggest you to watch that one, it will ruin this one for you.

7. P. S. I Love You (2007) – I know by reading this Noah Centineo movie ‘To all the boys‘ comes to your mind but this isn’t the one I am talking about here. This movie is based on the book of same name by Cecilia Ahern and stars Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler. If the last one empties your tissue box, then you should buy another before starting this one. This is the story of Holly and Gerry who are so much in love with each other. After Gerry s death, Holly’s life turns upside down as she doesn’t know to keep living without him. Before dying Gerry leaves few letter to Holly to encourage her to live without him and pursue her dreams. It’s amazing how he much he thinks about her and tries to make her life better without him.

8. Two Weeks Notice(2002) – This movie stars Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. Sandra Bullock is an environmental lawyer who is tricked by working for Billion Hugh Grant to save a community centre. While working with him she realizes that her skills are wasted at the whines of Hugh grant who can’t just do anything without her advice so she decides to leave the job and gives a two week notice. It is complete entertainer.

9. The Ugly Truth(2009) – This one has a slightly different taste with loads of laughs and sarcasm but chemistry to back it up. Who doesn’t like Gerard Butler? He is just so hot and charming as usual. Kathrine heigl(Greys anatomy and 27 dresses fame) plays the role of Tv producer Abby who works with Mike on her show instead of her different opinion on love and relationships. Would these two different personality will be able to work it out ?

10.The Age of Adaline(2015) – If you have seen Gossip Girl then you must know Blake lively who played the Beautiful and Gorgeous Serena Vanderwoodsoon in the show. Blake lively is as amazing in this movie where she plays a women who remains youthful 29 years old for just eight decades. As Adaline stops ageing she distance herself with everyone, fearing someone night find her secret. Will Adaline will ever be able to let go of her fears and accept someone new in her life.

I have enjoyed all of these movie, have you seen any of these movies ? Let me know in comments below. If you want to know more Netflix movies on watchlist they are –
● The proposal
● Letters of Juliet
● A walk to remember
● Life as we know it
● Made of Honor
● Monster in Law
● Eat, Pray, Love
● He is just not that into you
● Forest Gump

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The Netflix Book Tag

Hello book nerds,

I have been reading and reviewing books for a while now. I recently got to know about this book tag going around so I thought why not try it. I love reading as much as I love Netflix(Top 10 Netflix movies recommendation). You can watch variety of dramas all around the world on it.

1 Recently Watched – Last book you have finished reading
The Return of the Dragon Queen by Farah Oomerbhoy

This is the third book in Avalonia Chronicles by Farah Oomerbhoy. The Protagonist Aurora Firedrake has the powers of both mages and Fae. She is the most powerful of all dawnstar and a dragon at her command. Now she has to do one last thing, take back her kingdom from Morgana and end her tyrannical rule. This one has an epic love triangle and the end question remains – good old Rafe or dark but powerful Tristan Nightshade.

2 Top Picks – A book that has been recommended to you based on books you have previously read.

Turtles all the way down by John Green

This one is the recent book in my collection. I have not read it yet. Its a classic John Green. It has the theme of mental illness with the backdrop of mystery. It has high school romance, amazing friendship and mystery. Aza Holmes is a high school teenager who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and it is the story about her inner struggles and what goes into her mind.

3 Recently Added – The Last Book you bought
The Fisher Queens Dynasty by Kavita Kane

I love Mythology and have read countless retellings of epics. This one follows the story of Satyavati in Mahabharata who becomes Shantanu second and in the process takes away Bhishm birth right on the throne. So the story starts from her birth till the end of her time. Kavita kane is popular for writing from minor female voices. I think Indian youth should read Mythology as they are an integral part of Indian Culture and these re-iterations help young people learn from them.

4 Popular On Netflix – Books that everyone know about ( 2 you have read, 2 you have not read and won’t read in future)

Read – Harry Potter by J.K Rowling, Mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare

Harry Potter is my favorite and there is no need for an introduction. If you still don’t know about it then you are missing something huge. I will just say one thing go buy it.

Mortal Instruments – It is 6 book long series and very famous. It starts with city of bones, it is the story of Clary whose mother suddenly disappears one day and she realizes that the world is not as she thinks she was. And all the legends are true and in this world there is vampire, werewolves, shadowhunters and many other dark creatures. And she has to depend on strangers to navigate this world. This one is one Netflix as shadowhunters and it’s amazing.

Not readThe Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

So I have tried to read these and they are said to be the most epic books. May be someday I will have more patience to read them but I don’t have it right now or may be I won’t ever read them again. And I am okay with both of tha, I don’t think I am missing anything.

5 Comedies – A Funny Book
The Zoya Factor By Anuja Chauhan

So there are many testimonials from people saying it is a rib tickling comedy. It has disclaimer attached to it that you shouldn’t ever read it in public as people might find you crazy as they will find you laughing out load. So Zoya is an advertising executive who happen to make an ad with the Indian team, where she finds the Captain of Indian team Nikhil Khoda and soon the romance blossoms and complications as well when the news of being the lucky charm spreads like wildfire and people are chasing her for good luck except the Captain of Indian team who believe more in hardwork than good luck. Also the movie adaptation is on Netflix if you want to watch.

6 Dramas – A Character who is Drama King/Queen
– “Pushpa Pandey” in Battle for Bittora by Anuja Chauhan

She is the veteran politician from Bittora and grandmother of Jinni. She is a drama queen and the antics she does to make Jinni contest in elections and make her win it. It has all this election drama amidst a love story. And like all Anuja Chauhan books there is a lot of humor and a lot of realities of Indian Poltics.

7 Animated – A Book with Cartoons on Cover
Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon

It is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. And it has this amazing cover and cartoonish characters on it. Beast is the Fair English Dude Grey Emerson and Beauty is the Dark complexioned Princess Jaya Rao. You might have read or seen many retelling of beauty and beast but this story has more to it. As Jaya tries to make Grey fall in love with her, she falls in love with enemies son. So it has this Romeo Juliet vibe to it. I have not read it yet but will read it soon.

8 Watch it Again – Book that you want to re-read
Three lives three world – The Pillow Book by Tangqi Gongzi

I love the whole series as it has the most fascinating concept. The author’s says she wrote this book as she was always fascinated by immortals and how would people live when they have thousands of years to live and magic powers at their disposal. Fengjiu is the only granddaughter of Bai Family and she falls in love with the greatest Immortal of all time Dong hua Dijun who is invincible. Known for being recluse things change when fengjiu appears in his life, troublemaker as she is Dong Hua isn’t able to ignore her as he usually does others. The story spans for three lives and three worlds. So there is a show based on the books which compelled me to read the book and I have reviewed it on my blog.

9 Documentaries – A Non- Fiction book you recommend everyone
Mrs Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna

I would love to read more Non fiction but then sometime or most times the boringness in them stops me for pursuing them more. But this one is different, Debut book of Twinkle khanna has the collection of column written by her on Times of India. The columns are on varied socio economic subject but her usp remains the humor in them. It is such a light read that it will pass you by breeze. But if you miss it then you google her latest columns as it has ample social commentary. If you still want more then there is tweak india her new venture where you can read powerful articles for women.

10 Action and Adventure – An Action packed Book
Baaz by Anuja Chauhan

Last but not the least is Baaz, it is an adventurous story of Fight pilot Baaz who fell in love with equally crazy Tinka. This book has a range of weird but amazing characters. You would like this book if you have a affinity towards patriotism. You think it will get predictable but in the end you realise it wasn’t something you would have seen it coming. It is soon to be a motion picture by yash raj films.

If you want to know more about these books I have reviewed them on my blog except a few which I will update later.
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What if I tell you a way you could get a Perfect Date?? (Netflix Review)

Netflix movie review – The Perfect Date

Plot –
Have you ever been to a date and got disappointed?? And I am pretty sure your answer would be like – so many times. But what if what if I tell you there is an app where you could find a perfect date ? Not just a date but more of a plus one for anything literally anything be it your tennis mate, fake boyfriend, or just some one to listen. You just have to write what you want and our hero as adaptable as he is, he will come to your rescue. So Brooks Rattigan (Noah Centineo) along with his programmar friend launches and app where he would be the plus one for those who needed because he needed money to go to Yale. But in the process he realises that he is lying for everything and he is becoming something he is not and loosing everything which is dear to him. How often have you had this thought that your changing yourself just to fit in or to be liked by people around you. Peer pressure is a big thing and many people are so affected by it that they change themselves so much so that they don’t recognize who they are anymore.

Characters –
Noah Centineo is back in this teen rom com with Laura Marano (A Cinderella story fame). Laura as Celia Lieberman is quite spunky and feisty with unique dressing sense. She wears boots on dresses with a leather jacket. I think many tom boyish girl who would kill to get rid of those High Heel, would thank her for inducing that trend. We girls have been stuck up in perfect standards and following trends and the one who defies it is branded as weird. Camila Mendes is a playing Shelby Pace who is rich and snobby girl minus the negative appeal to it. Celia definitely hated her but I didn’t find any reason for it in the movie. There was no negative point to her character but it felt incomplete as if someone has cut her scenes. I really like Camila Mendes in Riverdale where she playes Rich girl but as she lead in Riverdale so her character is more developed than this movie. It is more of an extended cameo.

Noah cetineo has 4 movies on Netflix out of which only To all the Boys I have loved before series has good rating on IMDb. There is just one movie left To all the Boys- Always and forever Lara Jean. He has become this choclatie hero but what’s next for him only time will tell. This movie is adapted from the book Stand-in by Steve Bloom. I am happy they named it as The perfect date instead of Stand in. So the movie is not so much faithful to the book and it has added the twist of an app to the story and it’s has diversified by normal dates to escort service or as plus one for all occasions.

Overall view –
I had many expectations from this movie but I am little disappointed because the concept is good but then the end product was not very mind blowing. It is just an average one time watch if you are looking for a romcom. I was recently watching an interview of Irfan Khan where he said a good movie is something which stays with you even after it has ended and you don’t want to talk to anyone after it as the characters in it are so good that you still want to remain with them. And this movie was definitely not that. So the perfect date is not a perfect movie. Just some 6 stars out 10. You can find it on Netflix.

Also tell me what is your idea of a perfect date ? Or your reviews on this movie in comment section.

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P.S. So a perfect date is not someone who would be what you want them to be… But who will accept you the way you are and doesn’t want to change a thing.. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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Itaewon class – A long Fight for Justice !!

Kdrama review – Itaewon Class

Actors – Park Seo-Joon, Kwon Nara, Kim Da -Mi
Producer -JTBC
Genre – Romance, Comedy, Drama, Revenge
Episode – 16
Year – 2020

He doesn’t want to go to his knees and humiliate himself but he does bow his head up to 90 degree. What the difference? In Korean culture getting on your knees is to ask for forgiveness for your mistakes while bowing your head is to greet or respect an elder or customer. That’s Park Sae-royi he might be called socially inept but he has manners, knows what’s right and wrong, he is kind but his only weakness is his temper. He is one stubborn guy and I don’t think I have seen anyone as firm on their believes. He got expelled from his school for bullying, jailed for attempt to murder and kicked out his rented business place only because he didn’t just went down on his knees. He is not wrong trust me when I say this but wronged by powerful yet he is firm or you can say stubborn on his believes.

When Park Sae-roy s father dies in an accident he swore to take revenge for his father and become as successful as the one who destroyed his life. But it’s not easy for an ex convict to get a job but he is one determined guy after getting out of jail, he work as odd jobs for seven years and then after almost 10 years he open his own restaurant in Itaewon right before his enemy Jangga Co. But it isn’t an easy fight and he can’t do it alone so he meets equally socially inept girl Jo Yi-seo. Her Psychiatrist has told her she is a sociopath and she is twisted, she has sense of justice as Park Sae-roy but what she doesn’t have is his believes that’s what makes them different. Jo Yi-seo is a combination of beauty with brilliance, she is a successful social media influencer and she has great managerial skills as she helps Park Sae-roy in relaunching his pub and gain more customer and eventually makes it a profitable venture.

Another major character is Oh Soo-ah, she is an orphan. Her mother gives her up when she was young but she tells attached to Park Sae-roy father and that’s how she meets him. She is intelligent, hardworking and beautiful but messed up in her own way. She wants to do things on her own without any help but ends up taking scholarship from Jang Dae-hee and then work at his company. She is torn between her duty and her friendship. If you need more reason to watch this drama is there is a love traingle between this three and which often leads to crazy situation and lol moments.

The usp of the show is that it has myriad characters which have their own carefully curated back story. Major ones apart from the main trio is Jang Dee-Hee who is the villain of the show who keeps creating obstacles for park sae-roy. Other than that his son Jang Geun-Won is always there to piss him off. This show also explores nationality issues, bullying, transgender issue etc. You surely can turn your life around if you have the conviction.

If you are restrauteer then you must watch this drama as it gives you helpful tips to make your cafe or pub successful. Also it gives you a glimpse of your life would be when you think about starting your own venture. The show is based on webtoon by Gwang Jin. It has a fresh background music. Motto of the show would be – if you work hard then no one can ever stop you from being successful.

Park Seo-joon is one of my favorite Korean actor and he never disappoints. He chooses his scripts carefully. I have seen his 5 shows and I loved Fight for my way, what’s wrong with secretary kim and she was pretty. He is such a good actor. I was very skeptic before watching as I have been disappointed by popular actors before but not this time. Kwon Nara(former member of girl group Hello Venus) is a good actress, I have seen her in Suspicious Partner but this time she got the main role. And I love the character of Jo Yi-seo played by Kim Da-mi she is such a great character to watch. She does everything to get what she wants no matter how much hardwork is needed. Park Sae-roy is in love with Oh Soo-ah and he doesn’t change but then I root for Jo Yi-seo and I sometimes want her to win his love because she loves him more for sure. So I don’t know how but now I sometimes root for second leads, it has happened before in Extraordinary you where I rooted for second lead Lee Jae-wook. Anyway this drama is definitely going to get in my top 10 drama of 2020.

Never compromise your principles, fight for injustice. In a world where people are rarely using their conscious this show gives you a reality check for where you are going wrong. I know this is really idealistic but then if everyone becomes corrupt then there wouldn’t be no hope for the weak and the strong will walk all over them. It’s hard to stand up for what’s wrong Park Sae-roy is the inspiration which makes you go all out for Justice.

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Favorite kdrama actor – Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk
Favorite Kdrama Actress – IU and Bae Suzy
Currently watching kdrama – “Itaewon Class”, “Three lives Three world – The Pillow Book“.

Looking Forward to – “The King- Eternal Monarch”
Most Favorite Kdrama – “Goblin”, “Descendants of the Sun”, “A Korean odyssey” and “Scarlet Heart Ryeo”.

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Women authors you should definitely read !!!

Top 10 women authors you should definitely read –

While Corona Virus has become an epidemic and wherever I look I find these cautionary posts on social media. But I think prevention is better then cure, better sit back at home rather than going out and party in crowded places. As the International Womens day has just gone by (I started this post on 8th only but was little busy so posting it now) I have written a post about women authors I love to read and would want to read in future. So relax and sit back in the comfort of your Blankets (all thanks to these chilly winds who are not ready to go yet just like COVID – 19) and read these authors I promise they are amazing….

1. Anuja Chauhan – She is one of my favorite author and I am definitely biased towards her, reason being good storyline, interesting characters and humor. I started reading her books from The Zoya Factor and it was so funny that ended up reading all her books and waiting for the next ones. I like her books as it takes me to different worlds and different lives of people which I don’t think I would ever be able to know on my own and that’s what fascinates me. If you would ask me which one you should first then I would say – Read The Zoya factor first then Those Pricey thakur girls, then Battle for Bittora, then Baaz then The house that BJ built(if you want to know the after story of Thakur girls).

2. Twinkle Khanna – I started reading her articles even before I read her books. I like her because she is so fearless and humorous and never back down on her believes. I have read her books Mrs funny bones and I loved it, it is basically a compilation of her popular articles on times of india newspaper. Her other books are Legend of Laxmi prasad and Pyjamas are forgiving(they are not as funny as her debut book and I wouldn’t lie as they are not my type of books). She is not just a writer; she was an actress once but now she is a interior decorater, movie producer and she has recently launched a website tweak India and the articles on that website are so fresh and bold. They talk about women and everyday aspect of their lives.

3. Kavita Kane – Kavita Kane has carved out a niche of her own as she writes about minor mythology women characters. She gives voice to the unheard that’s what makes her books Unique. By far she has written on Urmila(Sita’s Sister), Urvi(Karna’s wife), Apsara Menaka (Menaka’s Choice) Surpankha(Lanka’s Princess), Satyavati(Fisher Queens Dynasty) and last but not least Ahalaya(Ahalaya’s Awakening). She is a journalist turned author so her books has a lot of research. I have read her 3 books and I will definitely read the rest for sure.

4. Farah Oomerbhoy – I also have read her all books. By far she has written only Avalonia Chronicles which has three books(The last of Firedrakes, The Rise of Dawnstar and The Return of Dragon Queen) and I love it. This series is about Aurora Firedrakes who fights with evil Queen Morgana to take back her kingdom. This book is filled up with fantasy content and it has Harry Potter-ish touch with Dragons in it. It also has Mages and Fae’s and all sort of magical creatures and last but not least an amazing romance with a love triangles. I liked first two books more as it had more romance with a blend of fantasy, I wouldn’t say I didn’t like the last one but it was lesser romance and more of War. Still this series remains close to my heart.

5. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni – I just have read her one book but then The Palace of Illusions is one of my favorite mythology books and I don’t think I cant ever read anything else from Draupadi’s point of view as this is an epic book as it takes you through ups and downs of Draupadi’s life; you laugh with her, you cry with her and you get angry with her as well. She is blamed for Mahabharata but then I don’t think anyone would have behaved differently in her position. You can’t just miss this one. Her book mistress of spices is been made into movie starred by Aishwarya Rai. She has written several books but I want to read her book Forest on Enchantments which focus on the lives of women in Ramayana especially Sita.

6. Suzanne Collins – Anyone who knows me know my love for Hunger Games Trilogy (Catching fire, Mockingjay). This book introduced me to the world of young adult fantasy fiction. This is the story of Katniss who lives in a post apocalyptic world where young teenagers from 12 districts fight till death in an arena and there is only one winner. Peeta and Katniss are doomed from the start as only one can win this fight for survival. Will the odds be ever in their favor? I recently have heard that there is one more book upcoming in this series which is a prequel(The Ballad of songbirds and snakes) and I am so looking forward to it. Also it has the young president snow at the time of hunger games so you can know about how the greatest villain in making in this book I guess. It will also come in May 2020.

7. Veronica Roth – Divergent is one of the best dystopian book I have ever read. Tris lived in society which was divided in faction and she was abnegation by faction but here heart desired something else. So she muster up courage and leave her family and take up. And there she meets Four and they both end up falling for each other. But little did they know there is more to their world than they know and how they are controlled to make it a perfect society but not everyone agree with another way of life and when that happens then the end product is rebellion. I have not reviewed it yet but I will definitely put a summarized post of this book in future on my blog.

8. Kiera CassSelection series is such cute light-hearted romantic story of America, Aspen and Maxon. Selection is nothing but an American version of what we Indians call Swyamwar. But here brides fight for the attention of Prince Maxon and the one who doesn’t even want an ounce of attention does get the whole unneeded one. Actually Selection is more of a reality tv show for marriage. I don’t know the book is inspired from reality shows like that or Reality show were inspired by the book. Only difference is that this wedding will be final in the book, I can’t say that about the reality TV show which do nothing but to fool audiences. So I love the trilogy but then I didn’t like the extended two books which were added later – The Heir and The Crown. There is one more book added to the selection world which The Betrothed which will release in May 2020 this year, although it’s not related to the character of previous book but concept is same.

9. Indu SundersenThe twentieth wife is one such woman empowering book. It is a historical fiction in which Noor Jehan once called Mehrunissa fights against all odds and the whole Harem of Jahangir and also Akbar to become his last wife. Not to forget that she was the only mughal queen to have her name minted on gold coins and also had governed the mughal court in place of jahangir when he was sick. There are two books more in this trilogy and I would definitely read them. Second book in series is the Feast of Roses Last one in Tajmahal series is based on the life of daughter of Noor jahan – The Shadow Princess.

10. J K Rowling – They say save the best for the last. The most powerful of them all is our dear J K Rowling who after numerous rejection didn’t backed out and published Harry Potter series. Even though she created a strong fantasy world which was loved by all but she couldn’t do it again in any other book. And one thing I can’t accept is the fact that 8th book in the series totally ruined it for me. I was happy imagining the future of harry Potter and his children and Ronny and Hermione to but they tried to exploit the success one more time but it wasn’t worth it. Sure people were crazy about it when 8th book The Cursed Child was published and wanted to know what she wrote for them next but then now as a reader I am not as excited to imagine whats next. I still love the first seven books but not the last script writing styled book. And I don’t ever want to see it on big screen. But I would be open to new fantasy series from J K Rowling.


Sandhya Menon – I recently have started reading her latest book Of Curses and Kisses. It is a beauty and beast adaptation and I am pretty sure it would be a good one. Sandhya menon is a bestseller author and her book When Dimple met Rishi and it’s sequel are definitely in my TBR list.

Currently Reading – Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon

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Three lives, Three world – Pillow Book / Eternal Love of Dreams

“If perseverance will still be in vain, who would use up this entire life only to wait for an unobtainable love?”

(That too an immortal one.. 100 years of human life is a joke)

Cdrama Review – Eternal Love of Dream

It is the second installment in the Eternal love series or Ten miles of Peach blossom; one of my favorite Chinese Drama. The story doesn’t start where Ten miles of Peach Blossom left of but the characters are same, few old ones and some new ones are added to tell the story of Dong Hua Dijun and Princess Feng Jiu of Qian Qiu. Dong Hua Dijun first ruler of heaven is as old as the time remembers (but he doesn’t look old at all) and has the reputation of the most powerful God of all times who is invincible and someone who you don’t ever want to mess with but also he is known to be stone-hearted as no other woman is able to pique his curiosity other than his highness Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu is the only Grand child of the Bai family of Qing Qiu Fox Clan so obviously she is pampered a lot and because of that she creates trouble everywhere she and pranks on almost everyone. She has a birth mark of Phoenix flower on her forehead that’s why she named Fengjiu as it means Phoenix nine. She is the only 9 nine tailed red fox in Qian Qiu and the most beautiful one in this world only after High Goddess Bai Qian offcourse. The story spans across three different lives in three different worlds.

The story doesn’t strictly follow the book and have minor changes but they are acceptable. It is No 1 drama Costume Drama in China. It has amazing CGI effects, the fox looks so adorable on screen. The show has grand setting and pleasing soundtrack. Vengo Gao as Dong Hua Dijun in Purple robes is just amazing can’t get over that godly demeanor and his venomous tongue (which doesn’t sound bitter to me at all), playful attitude and teasing tone. Dilraba Dilmurat is perfect as Feng Jiu, this character has made her more popular than ever. Overall the show is great but the starting of the show is similar to previous show Ten miles of peach blossom(it gives a Deja vu feeling) but it picks up after few episodes. The show was delayed for a year after filming as if completed in end of 2018 but released only in 2020.

The basic plot is that Princess FengJiu soon to be Queen of Qinqiu falls in love with Emperor DongHua Dijun, lives up to his image of being a recluse and he doesn’t notice her like ever. At first Fengjiu thinks she is just indebted to him because he saved her life and wants to return the favor but no matter what she does there is no way she could do that. So there story goes on for three lives in three different worlds. First one in the sky kingdom when Fengjiu goes to TaiChen Palace as a maid. Second in the Mortal Realm Fengjiu goes to help DongHua again overcome his Love Calamity. Third and the last one is in the Dream of Aranya, Fengjiu sends her shadow to repay favor again and does everything for Shen Ye who is shadow of Donghua in Fanyin Valley. The setting of this world is picturesque and the romance is heartwarming. They have such a huge age gap but they are so perfect for each other. DongHua is perfect as a boyfriend, fiance and husband. Fengjiu is lively and cheerful person, no one can do so much for Donghua or love him more than her.

Yang mi cameo as Bai Qian. Fans were going gaga over her cameo and I too was fascinated as I loved her character. Bai qian is so different from fengjiu. They have a striking difference between them. Bai qian is more arrogant and proud, Fengjiu is sweet nice kind and a trouble maker, Bai qian was like that when she was younger but still I don’t think Fengjiu would ever be like Bai qian. Both characters have their uniqueness which can’t be copied.

I love the character of Ah li, he is the only son of Bai Qian and Crown Prince Ye hua. The interaction between him and fengjiu is so funny. Even though Bai Gun Gun comes in the end of show I have seen his pics they are so cute, beautiful silver hair on Junior Dong Hua. Another supporting character is Lian Song (apparently Author Tangqi is writing his love story with Cheng Yu right now, I am so looking forward to this one) Lian Song is the Third son of Tian Jun(Current Heavenly King). He is Water god of the Four Seas, known to be playing with hearts of beautiful woman but there is just one woman heart he can’t seem to get is lord Cheng Yu, best friend of Feng Jiu. What will happen to them only future will tell !

Another major couple is High God Zhe yan and Bai Zhen the fourth uncle of Fengjiu. They are couple goals, they look so good together, even though they are not shown as official couple in any show but subtle hints is what we need to know they are very much together. Yan Chiwu is one of the seven Lords of demon clan, he loves demon princess Ji heng dearly but his love always unrequited.

As misunderstandings are not enough to keep our lovely couple apart there are villains too. There is Miao Luo ruler of demon clan who is itching to get out, she is chained by Dong hua and only he can stop her. There is Nie Chuyin one of the seven Lords of demon clan who is helping Miao Luo to come out and strengthen demon clan. There is also Ji Heng of Red Demon clan who later creates many misunderstanding between Dijun and Fengjiu.

This show is based on the book Three lives, three world – Pillow book part 1 and 2 of author Tang Qi. The first book in the series is translated by Poppy Tolland into english language and released by the name of ‘To the Sky Kingdom’ and I hope other books in the series release soon. I loved both the books in the series and want to read other translated novels like this. So if anyone read this know books like Pillow book do suggest me some so I can read them. The next book in the series is The step Lotus which is based on Lian song and Cheng yu another book is Bodhi Fate which is the story of Mo Yuan and Shao wan. There is one more side sequel to Pillow book which has been released few days ago, I wish I could read that too. Mortals always have been fascinated with the concept of immortality to what people would do if they have long lives written in their hands.

“So what if destiny says we are fated, and so what if it says we are not ? I have never feared Destiny, and I certainly don’t need it’s charity.”

Hey guys do comment I would really love to know how you feel about this drama. I just love it, highly recommend to everyone. It has high fantasy content. I would give this drama 10 on 10.

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Favorite Cdrama Actor- yang yang, Vengo Gao
Favorite Cdrama Actress – Yang mi, Dilraba Dimurat
Favorite Cdrama – Ten miles of Peach blossom, Eternal love of Dreams, Love O2O
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Looking forward to – The Wolf by Dylan Wang

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