Suheldev By Amish – is all about religion

(Clash of Hindus vs Muslims)

Its always great to hear that Amish is publishing a new book but this news made me a little skeptical. This is the first time this book though endorsed by Amish is not solely his brain product. For those of you who don’t know it yet Amish has started a Writers centre and this book is the result of that. So the thing is the plot is conceived by Amish but the first draft is written by an anonymous writer in his writer centre but then edited by Amish of course. When you go through the book you keep thinking what if it was solely written by Amish. But when you go on reading, it gives you different experience altogether. But here is a piece of good news not all the books in future Amishverse will be written like this. There would some books which will be solely written by him like the Ramachandra series or few else. I am pretty sure we would keep on analyzing which one is better!! FYI Amish has recently announced a new non fiction book with his sister Bhavana, let’s see what this combination result in.

About the book –

After Mythology, Amish has ventured into Historical genre for the first time and this wouldn’t be the last one as Amish has planned many stories for his future endeavors. The protagonist of this book is Suheldev, he was a prince from a small Kingdom who later on went and defeated the Gaznavaid General Salar Maqsud at the Battle of Bahraich. This book is filled with patriotism and Religion. Amish is known to add on his learnings in his book but this time he went too deep. Hindu vs Muslims is the biggest problem in India right now or it was then too in 1034 CE.

Warning if you are looking for no spoilers review then this is not the one for you but it doesn’t have too much of it either. So venture at you own risk.

This book is fictional so it might not be exact as it happened back then but who knows what happened then because there are not any authentic texts available for Suheldev. There is so much confusion around his name to know anything for sure. And that’s why I think we can pick up this book and get to know Amish’s version of Suheldev.

Young and rebellious Suheldev swears to avenge his brothers death and the destruction of Somnath Temple. But that coudnot be done as a direct attack on mighty Turks of Gaznvi so the smart prince finds a middle ground and become a bandit and try to finish off any Turks he can lay his hands on and help the needy in the process. He meets many great warriors in process and keeps on adding them to his army. Suheldev is honorable but he is also wise, he follows the rules of dharma when needed but discard any protocol which might hurt him later. Some might say he does some sinful things but all is far in love and war. And it has some love in it but just a little bit tiny portion of it and you can totally call it an action packed adventure filled with war strategies and explicit action sequences. It is as if they are happening in front of you. The book is well written offcourse as it done after thick research. Also the characters are very well etched sometimes it felt too way to precise as they came from writers learning class. Obviously the plot is good that’s why I managed to finish this book but the doubt seed is still there. But in between those lines somewhere along the way you find Amish and his philosophies making its way into your mind knowingly.
What I like in Suheldev is that he is smart not idealistic fool, he runs away from a battle he can’t win only to strike at an appropriate time. But the way he converts himself from a spoilet brat to an inspiring figure is such a common predictable plot point seems like if it is copied from an old bollwood movies. The book is good for a beginner level reader but sometimes I find some lines repetitive. Its like stating the obvious which makes you cringe sometimes but not all book is bad. Sometimes I feel like I am taking a history lesson, but I am not sure if its factual or fictional .

The good old Casteism – Hindu vs Muslims agenda

This book has throughly explored the Hindu and Muslim ideology and their conflicts. I would have to agree here that Muslims are always judged at a pedestal in India and anywhere else in the world. After the attack on Twin tower America has gone on an alert and watches Muslim with hawk eyes but we can’t blame them can we? But we also can’t blame innocent Muslims for the crime they didn’t commit. This book tries to revive that Hindu muslim brotherhood but we all have been raised like that unconsciously we are apprehensive of them. And the way Citizenship Amendment Act protests have turned out, Indian Muslims insecurities are justified. But this book goes too soft on Hindus. In short this book is like thesis of why Muslim hate hindus?


The Muslim rulers have been notoriously infamous for forcing people to convert their religion. This book also points out this issue, and the atrocities committed on them for hiding their faith. I believe each and every individual should have the liberty to follow their own religion but you can’t force someone else to not to practice their beliefs until and unless if it’s hurting someone else.


This would be my first time reading about sufism. Although this book doesn’t satiates my curiosity on the subject but its a good introduction. It doesn’t only gives you info on Hinduism but also on Islam as well. I particularly liked a dialogue in between Maulavi and Sufi Saint. It was like a verbal dual over scriptures.

My own views –
Sometimes it feels like I am reading some article where there are both questions and its answers. Sometimes it feels like this book is trying to create a certain mindset in the minds of the impressionble readers.

FYI it has the most awkward romantic instance ever, as it can beat if there was any before this book came out. I mean there wasn’t a need to have a romance in this book. And I am not the only who thinks that.

There are lines in this which are unoriginal it is as if I have read them before somewhere.

The book overall is like a social commentary on whats wrong with Hindus and Muslims even now. Its the basis of the book. Why did turks want to invade India and the world? Its like an essay on religion.

Maa Kali Regiment led by Toshani is good attempt in the book as tool f9r women empowerment. But it falls flat on face when this is not explored throughly. I wish they had used this women Regiment at the time of real war and highlighted their achievements if any but I was disappointment. Recruiting women to the armed forces has always been an conflicting issues. There are only few women in Indian armed forces and even lesser in the combat forces. Men always find one or another reason to intimidate women. I don’t say that I am inclined towards it but I don’t think we should stop anyone who willingly wants to make their career in this field. We can’t limit people on our judgemental views.

Pick or skip
Read the book if you are an Amish fan. You are fond of historical genre. Or have an affinity towards action scenes. Its a beginner level book so new readers can also pick this one.
If we talk about the difference between Amish book and writer centre book so I will there is some but it might improve over time. The plot and researcher is Amish level but the dialogues can be improved. In the end I enjoyed this book even though I am not an action genre fan but I wouldn’t have picked if it wasnot Amishs book. So even though I might have criticized this book for certain things I still think it’s a good book. I would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars.

P.S This book is already in the talks of becoming a motion picture but I hope this is not delayed as Immortals of Meluha.

#qotd – Any Amish fan out there? I would like to discuss his book and bond with you…

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The resurgence Indian pop culture !!!!

There was a time when India also had a pop music. The time when we were at a glory in competition with the Hollywood. On one side we have our Shaan, Sony Nigam, Alisha Chenoy, KK and Falguni pathak on the other hand there were backstreet boys, one direction, Ricky Martin in the blissful 90s. But soon this bollywood wave evaporated everything while the Hollywood pop culture bloomed, Indian pop music disappeared. But now I think that culture is reentering so I would like to tell you all my favorites. If we talk about my favorite singer its undoubtedly Dhvani Bhanushali, her videos are so fresh and sweet. She makes me remember of falguni pathak and her songs like Yaad piya ke aane lage. So here are my top 10 Indian video album songs.

1. Yaad Piya ke Aane Lage – The old has its own place in my heart but the new one featuring Divya Khosla kumar its just crazy. No one could ever found a girl like this or should I say the writer just got creative. Divya Khosla no where looks her age in any of her music videos and the song is peppy and perfect for a Dance at any family function. I can’t say the plot is original but when Sitara played by Divya breaks the bottle and dance at the baraat of her ex boy friend is entertainingly scandalising. I just have one problem with this song, creators hinted a sequel to the song which never came into light and we never got to know what happened to sitara in 3010 on Alien planet.. Can anyone answer this ? Divya Khosla kumar ??

2. Teri Aankhon Mein – This song male part is sung by my another favorite Darshan Raval. Pearl v Puri and Divya Khosla seems like a perfect match in this video but she would look great with any male actor. She always has two guys swooning over her. This time when the revenge date become a real one no one knew. These songs are for those guilty pleasure moments to give you that little oxytocin to fight the struggles of your life.

3. Le Ja Le Ja Re – This is again a remix, usually I don’t really like remix as they don’t add anything to the original songs but sometimes they does like the Dil kya kare of Shaan is soothing. But this one of Dhvani bhanushal has a great video and the songs is reasonably peppy. If you are struggling to express your feelings to your crush then this is the song for you, it will give you the right amount of reassurance to fight the hot b**** by his side.

4. Na Ja Tu – I already said in the beginning I am full on Dhvani bhanushali fan so this is also her song. If you get the love of your life its great but if you don’t then itd inspiring to move on make something of yourself. It has the greatest of the views, prettiest of the clothes and music is great as well. Her songs are always on my wynk Playlist.

5. Nayan – Ok now I would annoy you I know but bear with me and watch this latest Dhvani Bhanushali pop song and I would swear you will love. When everyone is releasing sad songs she has released the most romantic song ever. May be not the most romantic but the cutest one for now. I so loved this one and the lead actor would definitely become crush of various teenagers for now. There is Vaaste as well don’t forget to check it out ( Crazy fan)

6. Aaj bhi – I know I look like a romance sucker for now but this one is a sad song. (Surbhi Jyoti with Ali Fazal you are killing it). It just gives you a reason to cry even if you don’t have any but if you have a broken heart then be prepared with a bucket full of chocolate chip ice cream (any flavor you prefer) and listen to this on repeat until you get that jersey out of your system for good and move on to the good stuff.. I mean Self love is the best, Right ?? Vishal mishra is slowly steadily growing on me his latest Judda kar diya is also sad but beautiful video featuring Erica Fernandez and Harshad Chopra. If you are missing Kasauti 2 then go watch this one in a different avatar.

7 Main Jaandiyaan – This one does a little over 16 million views only lesser than others but this one is great romantic song featuring our own Sanaya Israni and Arjit taneja, they look so good together despite of the ending. I just love to listen to this song. It has this soulful voice of Neha bhasin and Meet bros music is a pleasure to hear sometimes if not all times.( Just kidding)

8. Did Kho Ke – This is a crime to forget Arjun Kanungo but you should agree that his popularity has dipped when he got committed to his girlfriend. But nevertheless his voice is still as beautiful and videos as enchanting. This is such a peppy number that i kept listening to this one on repeat. And Jonita Gandhi is the best choice to compliment him in this song. But I also liked him in Tum na ho with Prakrti kakkar. Tu na mera and Aaya na tu is great to hear as well. Go check them out on YouTube you will love him.

9. Neendo se breakup – How can Nikhil d’souza be behind in this songs race. This song is heartbreaking when you see it but not as much when you hear it. Meet bros is not bad after all but Aditi Bhatia looks too cute in this one even better when she played the old Ruhi in Yeh hain mohabatein. I think I am falling in love with these video songs culture. FYI Many teenagers are crushing on Manav chabra for playing the lovelorn immature boy but not me.. hehehehe

10. Asal Mein – Let’s end this with a sas song on a sad note. When you fall in love with your best friend and she falls in love with someone else. Such a classic heart-wrenching theme. If you have been there my condolences, and you will get your Mr Right until then you have you and you don’t need anyone else.. And this song will make you cry but you will be glad you have Darshan Raval songs to hear. I saw him on TV reality show name I don’t remember but he sang his own creation – Mere Nishan and I was hooked later he sang this song for a star plus tv show and it was the theme for it as well. He is the next Arjit singh of our generation.. I think…

The key here is to vast popular TV actors or models that just attracts the viewers and which give these songs million of views despite of the fact they are good bad. These songs many of them are good but many of them are forgettable as well. I used to wonder why and how my father and even my grandfather could listen to those old songs. But now that I grown up and listen to those old songs I enjoy them on our old cassette recorder even on the mobile phone apps. They have this beauty of enchanting us with their simplicity which these new songs don’t have even with the greatest of the innovation they lack something which our predecessors had. These songs are no doubt beautiful too look at once, twice, max 4 to 5 times but these old songs are here for like 70 to 80 years. Even now they get remixed but most times it looses it charm. I hope we get better with time and produce some good meaningful songs which makes sense to sing even when we are not even good as bathroom singers. I urge song writers to write better lyrics which feel real than just repeating one old line again and again.

A Music Lover Generation

P.S No one can beat Tseries in this sector. No offense anyone. I have given the youtube links as well for your convenience at the end it.

Currently my Favorite is the song Nayan by Dhvani Bhanushali and I would definitely would like to re watch it soon.

#qotd: What’s your favorite Indie pop song from current scenarios. Do comment I might find something new to like..

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The Judge – Netflix Reviews

Pic courtesy – Netflix India

It would be scandalising to say this but still I will say it that I havenot been a fan of Robert Downey Jr in avengers so I never watched his solo Iron Man movies. The reason being his arrogance, rudeness and loads of meaness. He is not a very likeable character still people love Iron man and him and many be because how he pulled himself together after his downfall, he is am inspiration to everyone out there who wants to be better version of themselves. My Personal favorites were obviously Captain America and Thor. Now that Avengers has disbanded and the old ones are now exploring other options so I thought it would be intresting to see how successful or not they become without their Avengers tag.

Robert Downey Jr new movie Dolittle doesn’t have much great ratings but I found The Judge featuring him on Netflix a few days ago and I had to watch it. But i figured out later that this was released in 2014 after Iron man solo films got released. Still I had to watch him outside of the Avenger circle and I don’t hate to say it that he is with the same arrogance but as I got to the end of the movie I understood his charm and I think I would now like to explore Iron man movies. I just couldnot watch them after so much of peer pressure about Iron man greatness but I feel there should be some sort of internal motivation which I got through this movie. Its such a moving movie. Some might say its very dramatic but I enjoyed this legal genre movie which is not my favorite genre but as I got sucked into the movie I realized how I enjoyed the arrogance of Robert Downey Jr.

Robert plays a hot shot professional lawyer who moves away from his family after a dispute. But when his mother dies he comes back to his estranged family for the funeral and there goes some heavy unwanted reunion. And slowly as the story unfolds secrets are revealed until the end. When you visit your past unwanted ex-girlfriends and wounds appear which Robert struggles. But the best part is how he handles his fathers trial, he is so impressive as a lawyer as much as he was as Iron Man. Other than him Robert Duvall plays his father The Judge he is great actor and has been nominated for this role. He is a great actor and played his role with finesse I would not like to spill spoilers here. This movie got mixed reviews but I liked the movie and if covers the budget of the movie then its successful even some people criticized it, Iron man fans would definitely love him in it.

I just had one problem that this movie was so focused on Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall that they couldn’t explore minor characters story as much. The ending was so open to interpretation as if it was hinting another movie but there is not any until now, may be the mix reviews got them. It had all the thrill and suspense until the end but it was heartbreaking at the same time. Why family who love some much couldnot figure out their differences sooner and let go of it. And I cried my heart out as hell during the movie. It is such moving story I would really like to recommend it.

Next up on my watch list is Iron Man franchise..

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Diwali without Firecrackers (Bina Fatake wali Diwali!!)

Diwali has always been celebrated in India with much fanfare. I remember a few years ago I woke up with a loud noise at 4 am in the morning and that sound continued till few minutes. It was a 1000 something crackers which was burned by an enthusiastic kid in our colony to remind the people that Diwali is here. For a few decades or so Diwali has become a noisy show off festival where people lit up their house with much decoration lights, burn crackers till our ears go sore that we look for noise canceling headphone online, rather than making sweets at home now people prefer packed goodies from varied online stores or cafes. We have forgotten what real Diwali or Deepawali is and why we Indians Celebrate this festival. Deepawali is the festival of Deep or Diya’s. When Lord Ram came back to Ayodhya after 14 years all the houses in their kingdom lit up Diya to welcome them. As this day is amavyasya, diya were lit up to push away darkness and make way for lights.

This year everyone around me keeps saying it doesn’t feel like Diwali. Due to Covid people can’t go to other people houses, there is ban on sale or burning of firecrackers(Still some idiots are burning it despite of the fine of 2000rs). Every year there is debate on social media whether we should burn crackers or not because there is alreast a lot of air pollution in Delhi and NCR areas due to burning of farm stubbleand other factors. But this year NGT banned crackers as this pollution would only aggrevate the Covid situation and people would find it hard to breathe. Burning crackers was never a part of this festival but somewhere along the line this ritual got started and now it seem like an inseparable part of it. Because firecrackers industry earn a lot of revenue and gives a lot of people employment. May be that’s why it’s adverse effects are ignored by government. There are many big countries which restrict this kind of pollution inside city in residential areas. So people go outside areas to enjoy fireworks. So the ban is here we could celebrate this day in a more indigenous way.

1. We could clean our house spick and span one more time to lure Goddess Laxmi inside our homes.
2. We could help or mother and grandmothers in making home made sweets. (As we are sindhi we make different sweets made of Gud, channa, moongfali fulle etc. Inshort chikki)
3. Every year we go to friends house to wish them Diwali but we also wish our loved ones who stay outside on video calling. So this year why not wish everyone by this way on whichever app is convenient for you.
4. Before we dress up to eat our favorite mithai we can make Rangoli lit up with diyas and post it on social media. So that who couldn’t visit you this year watch it and like it as well.
5. I don’t know about other cities but Jaipur is famous for its lighting. I mean every year there is tradition to go and watch it. Jaipur has this year also been decorated not as much but its still beautiful. I had rather sit and watch it on Instagram than overcrowding the streets and spread the virus. P.S we don’t know who has it and we hope no one gets it.
6. We can still decorate our house with the Lighting with Diyas. Its better than staying in a hospital or quarantine for 14 days and burning money on hospital bills.
7. My cousin kept asking me if I would buy new clothes this year and I was like I don’t understand your fascination with wearing a new clothes every time. If this year we don’t go and buy a new dress and wear an old party dress, its better than wearing hospital gown or be down with fever or cold.

So my dear guys and gals this year stay at home and do some Pooja with your family. We havenot been vaccinated yet and Pfizer haven’t yet launched vaccine in India. And its only 90% secure, just wait for this time to pass as it will and we will succumb to our old habits. But until then this is our new normal, let’s pick some good habits, not to forgot as health is foremost this season than just polluting environment and risking our health.

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Happy Deepawali to all.
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Divergent – Netflix Reviews

Beatrice lives in a dystopian society where people are divided into 5 factions. And according to those factions people live their life to maintain peace in society and those who don’t confirm to any faction they are factionless left to the mercy of nature. The first faction is Dauntless they are like the police of Chicago, next is candor they can only say the truth so they are lawyers of this society, amity prefers peace and their task is to grow vegetables and fruits for everyone then there is Erudite who are the intelligent ones and last but not least are Abnegation they are kind so they have been given the task of ruling government because they don’t think about themselves but everyone else. At the age of 16 every child has given a test which decide their future what they will be in future. Or they can decide for themselves, they can join their parents faction or chose one for their own.

Divergent are not just kind, brave or smart alone but they can be all or have few traits from all factions and they can’t be controlled thats why they are feared as they don’t confirm to just one faction. Tris leaves her life behind in Abnegation and chose Dauntless for herself. Shailene Woodley of fault in our stars plays Tris perfectly there can’t be a better actor for her. Then there is Four her instructor is played by Theo James and their chemistry is just amazing. The movie is based on book by the same name by Veronica Roth and that book is one of my favorite in young adult fiction. After hunger games I just love this book and my favorite character is of course Four aka Tobias Eaton. Also there is Caleb (Ansel Elgort) who plays brother of Tris. He worked with Shailene Woodley in fault in our stars. Kate Winslet plays the role Jeanine who is the leader of Erudite and is hell bent on taking the power from Abnegation. I loved the casting of this movie. Zoe Kravitz as Christina is amazing as Tris best friend. I don’t think Tris would have survived without her help in Dauntless. I loved her for honest commentary on Tris life. I have seen her before in Fantastic beasts.

The next movie in the series is Insurgent and the last one is Allegiant which was divided into two parts. I wish they hadn’t done that the second movie insurgent is good but I wish I could say that for allegiant. The last film failed at box office so they decided not to produce last movie. But trust me all the books are great I just loved them especially the first one when Tris explores Dauntless bravely. I love her character as she is strong and know what she wants and despite of her fear ventures into unknown. The film is filled with actions sequences and yes there is romance. Tris and Four chemistry is great in movie but amazing in the books as there are more scenes. Jumping off buildings and trains, underwater stunts, high free falling, climbing ferris wheels and lots of duel fighting.

There is this thing about movie adaptations they can’t just explore all the scenes in the book which was a little disappointing but overall divergent is a precise to the point version of the book. I hope someday they remake it into a show and I get to more of Tris and Four. I loved the novella made on Four by Veronica Roth. He is so mysterious and that book satiated my curiosity fully but I love to see him on screen again. After watching it I want to read the book again. I really was looking forward to Veronica Roth next book but like most author she is one series wonder I didn’t like her next series Carve the Mark as much. Still I count her in my one of favorite women authors as she created this amazing world. It was fun reading and then watching it. It takes a whole of creativity, imagination and research in creating a different world and thinking about minute things which will make it different from the world we live in. I loved the running trains which never stop, I like how Abnegation don’t even look in the mirror for more than a few seconds, I liked how candor are brutally honest, I loved Amity forgiveness, but I didn’t like the greed of Erudite. It has twits and turns and suspense and an ending you can’t predict right away so do watch it as its amazing.

Currently Re Watching – Insurgent Movie.

Want to watch – A suitable boy and Scam 1992

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Its all about classics – Bandish Bandits !!(Prime video Review)

Its has not been in a while and it won’t be in a much longer time that an Indian web series has appreciated so well by the audience. It is out an out a propogator of classical music but it gives a chance to contemporary music too. If we talk about the story its as common as it gets but its USP is its Music. It’s like as if they had made its music with utmost dedication. Any classical music lover will love this show but a non classical lover will be enchanted by this show. In this modern world as people are running after pop music this show makes you want to stop enjoy the classics and ponder why we haven’t been listening to more of them.

Radhe is the future prodigy of Rathod Fharana. It’s never easy to become a Sangeet maestro. It takes a lot of dedication and effort to even be able to reach till Ganda Bandhan. And that’s where it all starts, Radhe dream to become Sangeet samrat. When you dream of something you put all your effort into it by forgetting everything else but what if something else comes in the picture and becomes as important. That’s where Rising musical star Tamanna comes who is in desperate need of a new idea which will put her back on track to become successful without her mothers help. She meets Radhe gets enchanted by his voice and tries to convince him to sing with her but as Radhe comes from a conservative family keeps rejecting her pleas because he is scared that he will be banned to sing in future by our Pandit ji.

Naserudin shah bags a once in a lifetime role in this show, he is great actor so he is apt for it. But when you see him sing in the initial episodes you are awestruck as if he is singing himself and lip sync is amazing. It takes a lot discipline to become a Sangeet maestro and that’s shown in this show. A singers struggle to become a better one all his life a riayz of 8 hours everyday from dawn to dusk is commendable. From what is seen as stubborness from far is actually a set of rules which are made to achieve a goal. When Radhe struggles from the Shuddhi Karan, you feel the pain with him but when we see him sing for like 21 hours for 3 hour break its makes us wonder at the same time realize he deserve to be the future Sangeet samrat.

The love story between Radhe and Tamana is integral part of the show and love songs are melodious. They both are trying to achieve their goal but with each other. While Radhe seem a simple minded non talkative guy, tamana is a rebel free spirited girl who spins the whole world of Radhe. The show is like a journey of singer, highs and falls with it. Its like a sneak peek into this privilege singers life and understand their struggles. The show has been directed by Anand Tiwari who directed Barfi also. Tridha chaudhary does a cameo in the show but she looks ethereal when she sings that thumri. Shreya chaudhari and Ritwik bhaumik steals the show with their acting. And I also love the comedy bits of Kunal Roy Kapour.

The local setting of Jodhpur is just so beautiful, the Rajasthan culture, the mojaris, mirchi bada, beautiful blue houses, dance all gives you ethnic appeal. But its also stereotyped, Jodhpur is not just a village and there is no desert everywhere and not many havelis around. Filmmakers show Rajasthan cities in certain peculiar way which I don’t like. It’s overall a great show but a little boring in some parts but its tolerable.

P.S This one will definitely go in the best Indian web show of the year. Radhe has taken many hearts with his acting in the show and Shankar mahadevan music is like melody to ears. Do check it out on Wynk Music.

Want to watch – A suitable boy and Scam 1992

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Emily in Paris – Unmissable show of the year!!!

First episode in and I am digging Emily in Paris. This show is your in guide to French culture. I don’t know about other shows but this one surely will make you want to hop on in plane and take a flight to Paris; City of Fashion. Emily donning the most beautiful of outfits is not just what the show is all about. In the first episode Emily is hell bent of taking on Savior(marketing company) with her unique ideas. This show gives me the vibes of my favorite subject marketing. It is a guide to how to market your brand on social media.

This show will totally attract teenagers as the heavy social media savviness and beautiful clothes wore by Emily in the show.
The USP of the show is not just its beautiful French men but a crisp 22 min episode which ends just as it starts without any drag. Apparently its a sin not to know French in Paris. So if you are thinking on hoping on a plane do take a quick crash course of French before you enter this beautiful city of lights filled with romance.

Every culture has its own quirks but the rudeness of the French straight on your face is not pretty as their faces. But You need some hard core determination to achieve your goals. In this multilingual world, this show emphasizes the importance of learning new languages when you are working globally. While working balance is important in life, its always an question whether you work to live or live to work? While balancing all this Emily at work fights out age old thinking with her revolutionary ideas and her boss fear of being replaced by young and energetic ones.

Emily might not have the mystery of French but she definitely had the American experience which gives her an edge. From Necessities to Luxuries Emily can charm anyone or anything. She navigates the narrow lanes of Paris mingling in little bit of love, lots of flirting, a dash of adultery and wholesome good food. Emilys clothes in the show are to die for especially that one white crop top that is ethereal. Our generation is all about posting on social media about every aspect of their life so they would easily relate to Emily. I so loved Emily’s Camera shaped Backcover of mobile. And I so loved the background music of this show, go check it out on Spotify, they are some amazing French tracks on it. And last but not the least is the exotic shots of Paris which can be the sole reason to watch this show.

The show is filled with beautiful taglines for brands and amazing dialogue. This show is written by famous writer Darren star who wrote Sex and the city and Beverly hills 90210. Both of them are very popular. This show is so lighthearted, I am looking forward for more shows like this on Netflix. Lily Collins is the perfect Emily but I do remember watching her in the Mortal Instruments- Shadow of Bones movie. Sadly the movie didn’t work out but this show will definitely make her popular.

When we market a product, sometimes we cross a line. What one person like it another might not. The brand visibility can sometimes comes at the cost of brand likeablity. We can make people aware of the product by scandalising things then slowly we can make way for people to like it.

The best thing about this show is that its short and sweet, you never feel there is need for more. Love triangles, adultery, social media buzz this show is very trendy. Sometimes its unbelievable how Emily makes strangers friends in Paris. Even though she gets cold attitude in Paris she manage to make great friends in Paris. From the start Emily looked more to me as an influencer than a marketing executive with her clever taglines. She could do more successful as brand ambassador than a marketer. To everyone who posts on social media there dream is to become an influencer and get paid to promote the products not just for free.

Cast –
Omg Gabriel he is just amazing and Antonio, if you are looking for hot French men then they are it. Now I want to watch more shows based in Paris. If anyone has suggestions do post in comments below. And I really did like her Chinese best friend Mindy and French friend Camille. The show has an amazing star cast.

Emily fairing through the risqué lanes of Paris and winning it yet again hearts and minds all at the same time. Sometimes get in a love triangle, sometimes fashion fiasco. If you love fashion, travel, romance and comedy then this is the show for you. It’s that unmissable show of the year.

P.S I know it would be a sin to compare this show to anyone else but this show makes me fondly remember another Indian show Girl in the city(Mumbai). A single girl goes to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams. It had like this fair share of backstabbing and catfish but Emily in Paris is so much more. Fashion shows always have a cult following.

QOTD – If you know more shows like this please do tell me in comments below ..

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Want to watch – A suitable boy and Scam 1992

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Turtles all the way down – John Green

I got this book by penguin in Jaipur literature festival and I would like to thank them for the giveaway. It’s my first hardcover but I think paperback are good enough but may be you ought to read books more than once you can buy hardcover instead. Something or other keep coming in my way for reading this book. And when I started reading it wasn’t very intresting but then because of little nudge from people around me I finally have read the whole book. I took me a while to like this one, may be because of the mental health topic. It’s not very easy to read the unpleasantness in Aza thoughts. For a while I contemplated why people like this book and asked around and got some insights. Some said his writing is so magical that it instantly connects with readers. It’s rare for someone to describe the way you are feeling. Other said he writes about complex teenagers with ease.

If we see from far Aza Holmes looks like a regular teenager who goes to school, has best Friend Daisy and a childhood Crush Davis but she is far from regular. Aza struggles from OCD and her worst fear is that she will die from some micro bacteria which makes life difficult for her and others around her. But her life takes a turn when Daisy forces her investigate billionaire Russel picket disappearance case for the reward money. And that’s how she meets her childhood friend Davis and how everything changes around her.

Things I like in the book –

1 Aza visit to psychiatrist. This book focusses on mental well being of a person. And how it’s not a sin to reach a psychiatrist if you are not feeling well mentally. I think by writing this book John Green is trying to normalise it. This book focusses more on her inner struggles how she can manage that with proper help and what happens when she doesn’t take it.

2 Aza has this totally amazing mother who puts Aza s needs above all patiently. Green has described her attachment with her late father beautifully and how she deals with the grief.

3 Davis poems are so beautiful and thoughtful you can’t just help and appreciate it. There so many lines from the book which are so relatable and to the point. You wonder how could he write all that.

4 One thing I like in John Green writing is that it’s not unnecessarily hard to comprehend. It’s simple and easy to understand which will make it easier for many readers to understand the complexities around this issue.

Things I didn’t like –
1 The thought spiral of Aza – reading about it makes you doubt your own sanity sometimes. Green must have done a whole lot of research for it.
2 Daisy was on and off a good and bad friend to Aza. Sometimes she was thoughtful and caring sometimes selfish and bitchy. 
3. The astronomy sessions it would be romantic for the ones who are into it but someone like me who don’t want to go into the constellations and planets history. It was a little boring. You can call me unappreciative, I am fine with that
4. For someone who has not ever seen one star wars movie, the constant mention of space movies was annoying. Star wars may be American religion but someone who hasn’t ventured into that zone, it’s fanfics talks seemed irrelevant. The only fanfics I am guilty of reading is the twilight ones which I am totally past it.

There is an inherent sadness in the book and it’s not so conventional happy ending makes it a practical one. This is my first John green book but I have not become a fan of his writing yet. I appreciate him and totally want to read fault in our stars and his other books.

P.S Do tell me in the comments which is your favorite John Green book?

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A Korean odyssey – Korean drama Review

Jin Seon Mi(Samjang) is the owner of real estate agency who is an orphan but is alienated by her extended family and anyone who meets her. If you look from far she is a regular working girl who is lonely but she is special not in a way humans can ever understand. She had this distinct fragrance of Lotus flower which makes her attractive to all kinds of monsters who have special powers. On the top of that she could see ghosts, but she used it to her advantage. When she grew up instead of getting scared by ghosts she drew them away by her magic umbrella and buy properties haunted by ghosts on cheap prices.

The most fascinating character in this show is Son O Gong, The Great Sage Equal to Heaven. He is a monkey who was born in a volcano and has great powers, not anyone can challenge him. He was a Deity and used to live in spiritual realm (heaven) but because of his notorious nature he was kicked out and punished. When he finds Jin Seon Mi he tries to eat her so that he can become the most powerful. But situation gets complicated and instead of eating her he ends by protecting her from all kinds of evil spirits.

Another intriguing character is Ma Wang, CEO of Lucifer entertainment who is monster Buffalo and trying to earn points by vanquishing evil spirits with the help of Jin Seon Mi aka Samjang. He puts on Geumgango on Son O Gong which makes Son O Gong fall in love with Jin Seon Mi. Ma Wang is cunning and selfish, he wants to be a Deity so that he could help his long lost love who is cursed to live a painful 108 human lives again and again for her horrible deeds.

There other minor character like PK top star who is a pig as help Ma Wang collect energy marbles which helps them stay strong resist the urge to eat human beings. Then there is Jang Se Ra who is Zombie waken by Samjangs blood. Samjang and PK helps her find her family before she dies. Another fascinating characters are Summer Fairy and General Winter. They are both brother and sister and are opposite of each other. Summer Fairy is a bar owner and known for her warmth, General Winter is known for her cold and is a ice cream shop owner. One lives at night and another at day in the same body. Secretary Ma is a dog and loyal to Ma Wang and would do anything for him good or bad. Relations between monsters run deeper than humans. Like secretary Ma there is Sa Oh Jeong is loyal to Son O Gong would do anything for him. To the whole world he is CEO of a M group but he likes to do household chores for Son O Gong and cook for him. Lee Hanju is the only employee in Jin Seon Mi real estate agency as it’s hard to put away with the weirdness around her.

I have always been more inclined towards fantasy fiction and this show checks of all the things I would want in a show. It has a love story between Son O Gong and Jin Seon Mi which starts off with hatred but eventually turns into a beautiful love story. Except Jin seon Mi most of them are monsters with special powers willing to eat her as it will make them powerful so there is a lot of fantasy elements. A lot of ghosts around which I don’t like but it’s tolerable and is not crazy scary like horror movies. Then there is comedy element in the show – it’s crazy watching ma Wang and Son O Gong bicker over trivial matters as housemates. Also Son O Gong and Jin Seon mi fights are rib tickling.

Lee Seung Gi is an amazing actor I have become a fan of him after this show I watched Vagabond and it was as amazing but more action oriented show. Oh Yeon Seo is perfect as Jin Seo Mi, she was once a member of girl group luv but has solid acting skills. Cha Seung Won as Ma Wang is great and is as good as Lee Seung gi in role and acting skills so are the others in the show.

This show is one of the top 10 Korean dramas you should not miss if you can watch them with subtitles. This show is produced by TVN and written by Hong sisters. It’s is a reinterpretation of Chinese classic novel journey to the west. Although I love park bo gum but I am happy he declined this role because he can’t be as mean and rude as Lee Seung gi. Park bo gum is meant for sweet roles. I also like Hong sisters one more show hotel del Luna which deals with ghosts again. Hwayugi – A Korean odyssey is a real popular show which has high ratings. And it has a great original soundtrack – Let me out by Nu’est W and When I saw you by Bumkey is my favourite songs. It’s available on Netflix India and is a 20 episode show of 70 mins.

“Now that I think about it, you’re the only thing in this world that can kill me.
Because if you tell me to die, I’ll die.”

P.S Tell me in the comments below of you watch kdrama like me….

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Favorite Kdrama Actress – IU and Bae Suzy
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Top 5 overrated Indian web series to avoid this season!!!

Top 5 overrated Indian web series

For a long time we were left at the mercy of production houses who kept making Saas bahu drama because that appealed to a large common masses mostly housewife at home. Whoever thought of making web series and streaming them on OTT platform is a gem. Now there are countless web series of many OTT platforms in India. Some of them are good but some of them are not worth wasting your time. It would be easier for you to find top 5 best shows to watch but there are not many articles which talk about the shows which you need not watch. Here are the top 5 ones –

1. Sacred Games (Netflix)

I know this show is very popular and many people have recommended it to me but I always turned them down saying it’s not my type. First of all there so many gangster cop drama in India, we don’t need to watch it anymore about Mumbai mafia and dons. Too much bloodshed without any reason, I can’t relate with a single thing in that show and I don’t think I need to see it on TV because in this world of web series there are so many options. I think we shouldn’t waste time to watch something you don’t like under peer pressure when you can enjoy the shows you like. I know Nawazuddin is a great actor and there is also Saif Ali Khan in the show but the star value can’t make me watch something like that. It’s just way overrated not everyone need to watch it, may be a section of people who might enjoy that genre.

2. Mirzapur(Amazon Prime) –

I don’t really understand people obsession with this show and why people are so eager to watch its second season. All I could make out from the trailer was the violence. Haven’t we seen enough of it in movies. I understand there is a section which enjoy this stuff but I never got the reason why. So keep me sane I have skipped this series and I will suggest you to do the same, there are many other fishes in the pond. Even Ali Fazal could not make me watch this one.

3. Aarya (Hotstar) –

Aarya is a desperate attempt of our fading star Sushmita Sen. Even though she hasn’t acted in years she still holds some star value and may be for that reason people would want to watch the show. I really don’t understand how a housewife can suddenly turn into a gangster woman and save her family from the clutches of rival gang. The plot is filled with clichés and the acting is subpar. I don’t think there is anything in this one which would make me watch this web series. It just holds on Sushmita’s star value which is not worth much.

4. Leila (Netflix) –

Even our dystopian future is all about Honor Killing and child abduction and brain washing. I have seen many shows on dystopia where written many extensive plots and stories which will blow your mind away for example Hunger games and Divergent. Even in the totalitarian future we are worried about inter caste marriages. It’s great a woman is doing everything to find her daughter but it doesn’t make want to watch all the gory details of the show.

5. Mind the Malhotras (Amazon Prime) –

The trailer of the show is funny and it has a great caste with Cyrus Sahukar and Mini Mathur. The story is about a married couple whose friends are getting divorced so they go on counseling to save their marriage. I tried watching this show thinking it would be very funny but its turns out its very boring. Only couple would relate with it but I think the couples watching this show will be bored of its blandness. There are many shows about marriages which are funny for example Sumit Sambhal lega but this doesn’t cut it. Trailer of the show created the hype but it’s not worth it.

There are so many web series which I don’t ever want to watch it. Just because everyone else is watching it you don’t need it. Everyone has different taste and likes and dislikes. Web series are nothing but your escape from your boring life and work. So you should watch the ones you like to make you relax on your free time rather than what everyone is watching. if you need suggestions then go read the top 10 web series on my blog.

P.S. Tell me in comments below which webseries you didnt like even though people around you loved it..

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